I’m sure that you’ve all heard the news that George Zimmerman and rapper DMX was going to have a celebrity boxing match and that it has now been cancelled. When the news first broke that Zimmerman wanted to be in a celebrity boxing match, it was reported that California-based rapper, The Game, was gonna step up to the plate to fight him but allegedly, Zimmerman backed out of it and decided that he wanted to fight DMX. (SN: If this is true, Zimmerman did the right thing by backing out of the boxing match with The Game because The Game would’ve slayed his child-killing behind all over that ring).

Although one part of me really wanted to see The Game beat the dog hell out of Zimmerman, one part of me was truly disgusted at Zimmerman for the simple fact that he actually have the audacity to think of himself as a celebrity. Dear Mr. Zimmerman: You took the life of seventeen-year old African American male, Trayvon Martin, who was walking home from the store with nothing on him but a bottle of iced tea and skittles. You decided to pursue him for NO REASON, he tried to fight you off of him, and you shot and killed him. Maybe you need to understand that shedding innocent blood doesn’t make you a celebrity; it makes you a murderer.

If this boxing match crap wasn’t enough, his parents had to deal with the fact that you mocked the death of their son with you painting a portrait of Trayvon Martin with his father. How insulting is that. I don’t know what rock you crawled from under but I think that you need to crawl back there and sit your tired behind down. A celebrity??? I think not. Celebrities are the type of individuals that people look up to, people admire them for years to come, they create things that people enjoy, they are innovators, and they are pillars in their community. YOU ARE NONE OF THESE THINGS.

Nobody in their right mind is gonna stop you on the street and say, “OMG! It’s George Zimmerman! I am such a big fan of yours! The way that you shot that young boy in the chest and he laid there bleeding on the ground, clinging to life, was awesome! Can I take a picture with you so that I can put it on Instagram?” Honey, please. Monica Lewinsky has a better shot at getting a crazed fan than you do.

The way that you are acting is totally selfish. You don’t even care that Trayvon Martin’s parents have to relive their nightmare every time that you feel the need to parade your behind all over the internet. Your actions is letting them and everyone else know that you have no remorse for what you did. You don’t care. You don’t even realize that your foolish actions of taking this young boy’s life has not only effected his family but it has effected your family as well because even they have experience death threats due to your actions.

So instead of getting yourself involved in ridiculous antics, you should spend more of your time trying to fix the mess you made with Trayvon Martin’s family. Nothing you can say or do can bring Martin back but you can definitely spend your time finding ways to ease the pain that you’ve caused his parents. Show respect and remorse to them. Quit making a mockery of what you did because as we all know, you will reap what you sow.


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