Mr. Lamar’s Remarks




In regards to the case of Michael Brown, rapper Kendrick Lamar made a statement in Billboard that had a few people upset at him. In his statement, he said, “I wish somebody would look in our neighborhood knowing that it’s already a situation, mentally, where it’s f—ed up. What happened to Michael Brown should’ve never happened. Never. But when we don’t have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within. Don’t start with just a rally, don’t start from looting — it starts from within.” Rap artist, Azalea Banks, was totally against Kendrick’s statement and she made that clear when she took to her Twitter account and said, “HOW DARE YOU open ur face to a white publication and tell them that we don’t respect ourselves….Speak for your f–king self.”

For those of you that don’t know the story about Michael Brown’s murder (yes, I said murder), I don’t know where in the hell you’ve been hiding. But just in case you really had your head up your ass and haven’t been paying attention to the news, let me give you a lil’ history about his death. On August 9, 2014, an eighteen-year old Black male was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri by white police officer, Darren Wilson. According to reports, Brown had stolen some cigarillos from a convenience store and when Officer Wilson was called to the scene, an altercation ensued between the two of them.

There are so many reports and speculations about what happened on that day but what I do know as a fact is this: Instead of arresting Brown for stealing some cigars, Officer Wilson decided to fire his gun several times at Brown, killing him. Not only that, Brown was unarmed. Although I’m not a police officer, I absolutely refuse to believe that the police academy taught their trainees to shoot an unarmed person and let that be that. I’m very sure that the trainees are taught how to restrain someone who may be aggressive. There’s no proof that shows that Brown was the aggressor so therefore Officer Wilson chose to be trigger-happy and shoot and kill Brown.

Okay so now that I have given you a lil’ tidbit about what happened, now you can understand where Kendrick Lamar’s comments were stemming from. Do I agree with what he said? Well, kinda. As a Black woman, it hurts to see injustice done to my people. Don’t get me wrong; I love people of all races but unfortunately, not everyone has that same kind of heart. There are people in this world that is so intoxicated with evil and ignorance that they can’t see past color or culture.

However, Kendrick has a point. If you don’t have respect for yourself, you can’t expect for others to respect you. This means that you need to act as if you got some damn sense. You attract what you put out there in the atmosphere so if you act like a hoodlum, you will get treated as such. Am I calling Michael Brown a hoodlum? Absolutely NOT. This young man was on his way to college so apparently, he wasn’t going down the wrong path. But my message are for those Blacks that go around terrorizing their own people and have the nerve to get angry when someone from another race does the very same thing.

I’m not an expert but I do know that in order for people from other races to treat us with respect, we must first clean up our own mess within the Black community. We can start with our appearance. If you can pay over one-hundred dollars for Jordans, you can pay good money for a nice outfit that makes you look distinguished. If I had a dollar for every time that I saw a young Black male walking around with his pants sagging, I would be a millionaire. There’s nothing cute about it and just because you see a rap star doing it doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit. NOBODY wants to see your ass or your filthy underwear. Take pride in the way that you dress by dressing like you have power. If you dress like power, you will start to think that you have power and before long, you WILL have power. Keep yourself groomed because whether you believe it or not, image means a lot in this world.

Don’t get me wrong; image is definitely not the only problem in the Black community. Image is just one of the issues that seems to be the easiest thing to fix. We have so many other problems in the Black community and it’s going to take a lot of prayer and counseling in order to correct them. It can be done but you have to realize that change first starts with you. Look at the man in the mirror and see what it is that you can do be a better example to not only the people around you but to the entire Black community. Don’t just sit on your ass and complain about what’s going on in the world. DO SOMETHING. You can be a mentor to a child, teach an adult how to read, clean up the trash in your neighborhood or pay for someone’s groceries in the check-out line. A kind act can start a chain reaction.

Now although Kendrick’s remarks make sense and I see his point, it definitely doesn’t justify the murder of Michael Brown. Whether the Black community respect themselves or not, it’s not a reason for a cop to take the life of someone who might’ve had a great future if he was given the chance. Stealing some Swisher Sweets should NOT result in someone’s life getting taken from them. Unfortunately, Officer Wilson didn’t seem care. If he cared, this situation would’ve played out differently and Brown would still be alive. His life meant more than just those damn cigars that he allegedly stole. He wasn’t a dog in the street and so he shouldn’t have been killed and left in the street like one.



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A Well-Deserved Beating

If the events in this story is not ridiculous, then my name is not Sonica Jackson. I’ve been reading the headlines that allegedly, this nameless person (I’ll just call him Mr. Crazy) decided to take time out of his day to call Kanye West’s fiancee’, Kim Kardashian, a “nigger lover” along with many other god-awful names as she was walking into a Beverly Hills medical building. According to what’s been reported, Mr. Crazy stayed in the medical office and taunted Kim even more as she called up Kanye on her phone. When Kanye arrived at the medical building, he swung into action and kicked the eighteen-year old’s pathetic behind. And I can’t say that I’m mad about that.

First of all, I strongly believe that Mr. Crazy was looking for an opportunity to make some quick cash and so he thought that pushing the buttons of a celebrity would be the way to go. This was all a set-up; it looks like a set-up, it sounds like a set-up, and it acts like a set-up. Mr. Crazy knew that if he said or did something to a celebrity to the point where a celebrity decided to kick his tail in, he would be able to capitalize off of it. And for that, Mr. Crazy needs his tail kicked AGAIN.

Although I’m not the type of person that likes to condone violence, I can’t stand when people try to do whatever they can to get some money from someone. It bothers me to the fullest degree. Kanye may be a loose cannon sometimes but he shouldn’t have to be penalize for giving someone a beat-down when that individual was clearly looking for one. If you go out looking for trouble, you can best believe that trouble will find you. If anything, Mr. Crazy should be disciplined for his own immature actions instead of being “rewarded” for them.

I understand that maybe Kanye should’ve thought about his actions before executing them but at the same time, he’s a human being. He gets angry just like everyone else and there should be a nod of understanding for the simple fact that he was defending his fiancee’. That’s what he is supposed to do. Had it been any other man, he probably would’ve done the same thing for his lady.

Furthermore, am I the only one that finds it a little strange that this nameless eighteen-year old  is strongly against going to court to fight the matter? No one knows his name, there was a picture taken of him with his face covered up like a coward, he didn’t wanna do a follow-up interview with the police, and he just wanted to settle out of court for several thousands of dollars and go on about his business. Hmmm. Something doesn’t sound right. Is it because maybe he fears for his life, since he did call Kim a racial slur? Is he a part of a conspiracy theory? Does he have some crazy mess on his criminal record that he doesn’t want aired out in a court of law? Now of course, several thousands of dollars is probably nothing to Kanye but that doesn’t mean that Mr. Crazy should get a piece of his hard-earned money when  it was Mr. Crazy who allegedly was the one that started the situation.

Honestly, I believe that Kanye’s lawyers should take the whole case to court, just to make it harder on Mr. Crazy. I would prolong the case to make him sweat and if I was the judge in the courtroom, I would go ahead and reward this young man the sum that he’s requested from Kanye BUT I would make his lil’ young behind donate EVERY PENNY of his reward to the NAACP and to UNICEF. On top of that,  I would make him spend forty hours of his time to helping the homeless and cleaning up the neighborhood so therefore, he wouldn’t have to worry about wasting a lot of idol time calling people racial slurs and picking fights with celebrities. Case dismissed. ***Sonica slams her gavel down and walks into her chambers.


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Going Hollywood

Scenario #1

Here comes Tyrone. All of your life, he’s been that arrogant brother that’s treated you like used toilet paper. Whenever there was a family reunion, family dinner, or a birthday party, he’d always make it his duty to make a complete spectacle out of you. You used to hate seeing him coming because he walked around thinking that he was “the exalted one” just because he finished high school and had a master’s degree from Morehouse. Every time you turned around, he was always reminding you of his accomplishments, his big-paying job, his house on the hill, his large bank account, and his trophy wife with the fake boobs.

Anytime that you talk about your promising career as a music producer and how diligent you are to make things happen, your oh-so-wonderful brother always feel the need to brush off your hard work as “just playing around” and doesn’t hesitate to tell you that “you need to snap into reality and find a real job.” He doesn’t know that you’ve spent hours working on your craft and that you’re serious about your dream. He doesn’t know that there are days when you go without sleeping because you’re working hard to do what you’ve always wanted to do since you were a kid. So as far as he’s concerned, you’re a loser.

But wait! Something happens: Tyrone’s boss is now forced to make cuts because the corporation was caught up in several lawsuits for fraud, which cost them a ton of money. Tyrone was one of the employees that got paid a lot of money to do his job so therefore, he was one of the first ones to lose his job. Of course, this makes complete sense to the corporation because if they’re gonna make cuts, they might as well start with the people that get paid the most money.

Like a domino effect, everything crumbles in Tyrone’s life. After losing his job, he loses his fancy house, the money in his bank account is quickly dissolving, and his straight-from-the-valley-with-fake-boobs wife is seeking a divorce on the ground of “irreconcilable difference.” He’s tried to find another job but due to the severe competition, he can’t find one and so he now has to live back home with his mama and take a job as a cashier at a chicken restaurant.

Meanwhile, your hard work has paid off and you’ve finally got your break as a music producer for several music artists. You’re traveling all over the world, going places that you’ve never been, meeting influential people, working with various celebrities, and you can afford to live the most lavish life that you’ve always wanted to live. Gone are the days when you lived off of fried bologna sandwiches and stayed in a one-bedroom apartment, sleeping on an air mattress that had a pin hole in it. Things are truly working out for you and you are truly living the life that you’ve worked so hard to live.

Christmas comes around and you’ve decided to invite your entire family over to your three-level house for Christmas dinner. They are all excited…except for Tyrone. He decides to go but instead of heading to your house in the stretch limo that you provided for your family, he tries to hold on to his pride by choosing to drive his own car to your house. However, on the way to your house, his used Honda Accord (that someone gave to him) starts to overheat and so his car shuts off while he’s on the road. So you send the same limo driver to go pick him up.

When he arrives to your house, he doesn’t thank you for sending someone out to pick him up. Instead, he spends the whole evening trying to find something wrong with your house and with your life. But since he can’t find anything wrong, he chooses to bring up the past and crack jokes about how your life used to be. Instead of him being proud of how well you’re doing in life, he chooses to simply to say god-awful things such as “No matter what you have, you’re still a joke. You’ll never be better than me, no matter how hard you try.”

One of your family members come to your defense and say, “Well, he seems to be doing just fine while you have a broken-down Honda sitting on the side of the road with blowed gaskets.” Everyone starts laughing and this causes Tyrone to get angry. So he walks over to you in a fit of rage and punches you square in the face. The family jumps in and makes Tyrone sit his crazy behind down and your mom gives Tyrone a good talkin’-to in front of the whole family. After she checks his behind, he sits in a corner for the rest of the night, fuming with anger. He couldn’t handle the fact that his brother was doing better than him and so instead of working on getting his life back together, he decided to be disrespectful towards you and embarrass himself in the process. And why? Because he couldn’t handle your success…and the fact that he wasn’t successful anymore.

Scenario #2

All throughout your young adult life, you had been trying to make Shaquita your girlfriend but she continued to not pay you any attention. She was the chick that grew up in your neighborhood and all the dudes wanted her. In your mind, she was the most beautiful girl that you’ve ever seen and you were willing to do anything to be with her. But time and time again, she rejected you very harshly and when you asked her to go to prom with you, she laughed in your face and told you, “Get the hell away from me. I don’t deal with losers.”

She was the one that tried desperately to get with your brother Tyrone but he quickly told her to exit stage left because he only liked white girls with money. She used to talk about you like a dog to all of her friends, clowning you about your outdated clothes and the fact that you had to take the public bus to get to where you were going. She thought that you would never make it and that you were completely wasting your time trying to be a music producer.

But wait! Something happens: Ms. Thang thought that she would strike it rich if she married a football player and had his baby. But unfortunately, she never got pregnant, Mr. Football Player never married her and in fact, he dropped her like a hot potato and married a model with long hair all the way down to her behind. So she ended up having to move back to her old neighborhood and take a job in a grocery store just to make ends meet.

She found out that you were nominated for the Producer of the Year award and she starts remembering the times when you wanted to be with her. A month later, you decide to go to your mother’s house for a visit and Shaquita sees that you arrived in a black Range Rover. Now all of a sudden, you don’t look like a loser to her anymore. She quickly skips her tail across the street to greet you with a big smile. When you see her, you’re actually kinda turned off by her because she gained over one-hundred pounds and her hair looked like it’s been combed by a blind rat.

While she’s at your mother’s house, Shaquita is whispering all kinds of sweet nothings in your ear and telling you that she really wants to be with you. But you’re smart enough to know that she just wanna be with you because your financial status has changed. But you continue to listen to her crap anyway, simply because it amuses you. Although you haven’t thought about Ms. Thang in a long time and you’re no longer interested in her, that doesn’t stop you from coming over to her house and getting some hot tail that you didn’t even have to work hard for. So that’s exactly what you did.

Afterwards, you never call her or take time to see her again because as far as you’re concerned, ignoring her like she doesn’t exist is payback for how she treated you back in the day. Meanwhile, you didn’t know that Shaquita is crazy as hell and that she will call your phone at all times of the day and leave a series of messages, pleading to be with you. But you don’t pay it no mind…until you turn on the entertainment news and see that Ms. Thang has decided to write a tell-all book that is full of more lies than Satan himself. And why? Because she can’t take the fact that you don’t want her like you used to back in the day.

So here’s my point…

Although both of these scenarios are fictional, they do show you what happens when some people become successful. Be aware that there will be certain individuals that you’ve known all of your life that’s gonna throw ten pounds of shade at you when you become famous. Certain people that you thought were always your homie, will want to chop your head off when you make it big. Certain girls that wouldn’t give you the time of day will be willing to sell their own mama into slavery just to get next to you and if they have ANY kind of dirt on you, they will spill it.

And ladies, please take heed to what I’m saying because the same thing is gonna happen to you when you become successful. That sexy guy that broke your heart back in the day because he wanted to be with the bitch with a homemade weave, is gonna try to do whatever he can to win your heart back when you become a shot-caller. Some of your female friends from back in the day are gonna turn on you quickly and throw all kinds of dirt on your name by saying things like, “She thinks she’s all that now but I remember back in the day when she had an abortion and her mom didn’t know about it.”

Whether you think so or not, money is gonna change your circumstances and some of the people around you. They’re gonna say that you’re “going Hollywood” on them and that you forgot where you’ve come from. But here’s the kicker: I don’t know anybody who wants to remember the dark times in their lives. Most people wanna work to live the good life so that they can put their past behind them. So do just that and don’t worry about what anyone has to say about it.


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This World of Ours

I am well convinced that this world ain’t nothing but a big pile of dog poop, dressed up in whipped cream with a cherry on top. The things that people say and do makes this world a ball of confusion and as I was sitting in my room, I realized that we are all living in a world where everyone is trying to be heard and understood. With each year, things get worse and worse and people get colder and more hateful than ever before. Do we not realize that the world is a mess because we’re the ones that have created the mess? Humans, that is.

We live in a world where…

If we see someone getting robbed or damn near beaten to death, we rather pull out our iPhones and every other kind of cell phone and record the incident as if it’s an event. We rather record someone pleading for help and then post the garbage on Twitter and Facebook so that people can press the “like” button and share the videos with others. And why? Because we wanna be popular by any means necessary, no matter who’s hurting in the process. Where’s the humanity? What happened to us? How can we sit by and watch someone in agony and not do anything about it except pull out our phones and record what’s going down? If you’re gonna pull out your phone, at least pull it out and CALL FOR HELP. Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you? If someone poured gasoline on you and set you on fire, would you want a bunch of idiots recording it or would you want them to put the fire out before you end up looking like fried bacon?

We live in a world where…

Girls (ahem) WOMEN post up pictures of their oiled-up behinds and define it as beauty and being sexy. And then with a straight face, they wanna call a dude thirsty if he’s inboxing her and liking her pictures on Instagram. To add insult to injury, these are the same type of women that say that there are no good men around and that they are tired of men disrespecting them. Welp, if all a man sees when he see you is butt and boobs, and all that you’re showing the world is butt and boobs, then all he’s gonna want from you is butt and boobs. Stop calling a man thirsty when you’re the one that’s acting as if you wanna quench his thirst. It’s funny how we have the nerve to shake our heads at these little girls who wanna dress too grown and act like whores but yet, so many grown women are not being a better example. And for the record, a long silky weave doesn’t mean that you’re more beautiful than a woman who wears her natural hair. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your looks but quit trying so hard to look like one of the cast members from Basketball Wives and realize that you have to improve your inner beauty before you can improve anything on the outside.

We live in a world where…

Homosexuals are killed by the thousands in certain parts of the world simply because of the gender that they’re attracted to. So in other words, forget that God said that we are NOT supposed to judge anyone. Forget that God wants us to love everyone. Forget that God is love. Forget that God tells us that the most important commandment is TO LOVE. We become so narrow minded in our holier-than-thou-thinking ways that we think that killing homosexuals is somewhat representing God. Oh, really? Please show me the scripture that tells us to kill homosexuals. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Why do we care who someone is attracted to? Why do we make that topic our business? Now although I am a firm believer that everyone has the right to their own opinions and beliefs, we don’t have the right to force our beliefs on anyone. Furthermore, regardless of what Phil Robertson said, bestiality doesn’t have a thing to do with homosexuality.  Bestiality is when a person is having sex with an animal. For anyone to wanna compare a homosexual person to a person that has sex with an animal is highly insane and that type of comparison is delusional.

We live in a world where…

If you tell people that you love Jesus, they immediately call you a hypocrite without even knowing you. They automatically start judging you and try to put your life under a microscope just so that they can find the smallest thing on you to have a so-called reason to say that you’re not a Christian. In certain parts of the world, they will kill you if they find out that you are a Christian or if you even mention the name of Jesus. People are quick to judge you based on your faith but can’t handle it if someone judges them. How come we can’t simply agree to disagree? Who are we to force OUR ways down the throats of others? Who are we to make someone like what we like? How can we say that we’re against kids that bully other kids but yet, GROWN PEOPLE are constantly bullying each other on a regular basis. If you’re a Christian, you’re persecuted. If you’re a homosexual, you’re persecuted. So therefore, nobody is respecting anyone and everyone thinks that they’re right.

We live in a world where…

As a Black woman, I will always be judged by the color of my skin. Forget the fact that my mother raised me to respect myself. Forget the fact that I have goals that I work on everyday. Forget the fact that I am educated. Forget the fact that although I’m comfortable using slang when I’m just being myself, I still know how to speak proper English. None of that matters when you’re dealing with a certain group of racist individuals who thinks that I’m inferior just because I don’t have blond hair and blue eyes. Needless to say, the word ‘ghetto’ doesn’t discriminate against any race. I have seen some over-the-top ghetto attitudes coming from the depths of other races that have embarrassed ALL of humanity. So there goes your theory into thinking that only Black people are unruly and trifling.

We live in a world where…

Employers treat the unemployed as if they are second-class citizens. No matter how much experience or education you have, they will make you feel as if you have to sing and tap dance in order to be considered for a job that’s not even paying you what you’re worth. And if you’re lucky enough to get a job, they’ll work you like a Hebrew slave, you will be unappreciated for the hard work that you do, and you will be micromanaged all the way down to your socks. The thought of ‘going to school’ is constantly shoved down people’s necks because they’ve been programmed into thinking that they can get a job if they have a college education. So when they finally decide to go to school and get a degree, they still can’t get a job…especially a job in their field of study. They find themselves deeper in debt due to all of the student loans that they have to pay back and they become extremely frustrated because they realized that they worked hard to get a degree and they don’t have nothing to show for it but a bunch of bills.

We live in a world where…

Celebrities can’t have tax or any other financial problems without it being EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS. Why does someone’s financial problems have to be public record? The main ones that have so much to say about celebrities’ money and how they spend their money, are the main ones that are broke as hell and wouldn’t know how to manage twenty dollars, let alone millions of dollars. If someone was to expose you for how broke you are and how broke you’ve always been, you’d be ready to bury your head in the sand.

We live in a world where…


We live in a world where…

People will stand in lines during the wee hours of the morning to buy the latest thing at a retail store that they really can’t afford to be shopping at in the first place. We won’t even get ourselves outta bed at five o’clock in the morning to go to work but we’ll do it if we wanna stand in line to get the latest iPad. Instead of us taking our money to pay off some debt or invest into our future, we rather take our money and buy a bunch things that make OTHER people rich. How sickening it is that we are so quick to rush to the shoe stores so that we can beat the crowds of people who are waiting to buy the new Jordans…the same Jordans that people are brutally attacking each other over…the same Jordans that you can simply order online in your own time and WHEN YOU CAN AFFORD THEM.

We live in a world where…

A high school student gets suspended and can’t even graduate on time because he hugs his overly sensitive teacher, simply showing her that he appreciates what she does for him. And how does she show her appreciation for his gratitude? By getting him suspended and having him face a sexual harassment charge. So now, his future is delayed based off of an innocent gesture. Humph. I’m pretty sure that there is a very special, extra hot, place in hell for a teacher like this. Isn’t it ironic that teachers are always complaining that they don’t feel appreciated but yet when someone shows them appreciation, it’s considered sexual harassment? And can someone PLEASE tell me who was the “genius” who came up with the idea that little kids in kindergarten can’t stick their tongue out or hug a girl without it being considered sexual harassment? The lil’ kid can’t even spell ‘sexual harassment’ nor does he or she even knows what it means. All they know is that they are in “trouble” for doing something that was very innocent. It’s a shame that children can’t be children because the ADULTS are so screwed up in the head. What does it say about certain people in education who automatically think it’s a sexual act when a child is doing something INNOCENTLY? Hmmm.

We live in a world where…

A parent can end up serving jail time if they get caught sending their kids to a school that’s not in the same district that they live in. Oh the horror! Shame on these parents that want to place their kids in a better school so that they can have quality education! Shame on these parents that think about the future of their kids! Shame on these parents that wanna make sure that their kids go out into the world with an educated mind so that they have the best life possible! Such audacity! What a menace to society! Instead of being understanding and respecting the fact that these parents want the best for their children, let’s just lock the parents up because of course, they are extremely harmful to society! By all means, if you see these parents coming down the street, call the authorities immediately and RUN FOR YOUR LIVES because they are sooooo dangerous!

We live in a world where…

Many Black men are constantly disrespecting Black women by the strike of their fist or from the verbal lashing of their tongue…and then they got the nerve to voice their opinion and state their anger about a Black woman who decides to date outside of her race. Welp, if you want her to date within her race, give her a reason to. Stop walking around here acting as if Black women are supposed just to put up with your foolishness. Stop walking around here acting as if all Black women have an attitude problem simply because we have a mind of our own and we’re not willing to be your doormat. Stop walking around here with absolutely no ambition, no plans for your future, no money saved up for your kids’ future, and the only thing that drives you to get outta bed is weed, sex, and Hennessy. Stop going around here talking about you love your “beautiful Black queen” but you keep cheating on her with random whores that you meet in the club. And for Christ’s sake, STOP BLAMING YOUR FOOLISHNESS ON THE FACT THAT YOU DIDN’T HAVE A FATHER IN YOUR LIFE!

We live in a world where…

Black women are constantly throwing fits of rage when they see a Black man with a white woman. For the record, just because you see a Black man with a white woman doesn’t mean that she is a pushover that walks around with her head down, saying “yes sir” to him. He may love her because she’s willing to show her appreciation for all of the wonderful things that he does for her. If you want Black men to respect you, SHOW them that you want respect by first learning to respect yourself. Stop saying that he needs to be a ten when you’re not even a three. Stop saying that Black men ain’t sh*t when actually it’s YOU that ain’t sh*t. If you spend more money on a weave, stiletto heels that you can barely walk in, and knock-off Gucci purses, versus helping you and your man have a better future together, then you need to get your priorities in order. If you have a wonderful, faithful Black man that works extremely hard to give you the world but yet you have a problem fixing him a plate of food or rubbing his aching shoulders, pass him on to me. Believe me, I’ll make sure he feels very appreciated EVERYDAY…and you will not be missed.


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Don’t Blame The Whole Race

Let me be real: Although I absolutely love my Black heritage and I love being a Black woman, that doesn’t mean that I believe that white people are the devil. I do whatever I can to uplift my beautiful Black people such as supporting their business ventures, giving them encouraging words, etc. However, that doesn’t exclude the white people that really do have a good heart towards all of humanity.

It would be foolish of me to say that racism doesn’t exist. Of course racism exist and it’s running wild with her sister named, ‘Hate’. As a Black woman, I have been a victim of racism more than once and as a matter of fact, I’ve experienced it in the city of Pittsburgh just a few months ago. So I definitely know about racism and how real it is. But if I choose to act just as ignorant as a person that chooses to engage in racist behavior, then I’m no better than that person. Yes, it’s true that sometimes you have to kick a lil’ tail to get your point across but when you actually think before you respond to a situation, you have a better chance of making the other person look like a fool and keeping your dignity.

For the most part, I have been blessed to meet some amazing white people; the ones that have a heart of gold and have prayed for me and with me during my darkest hour. Some have even helped me financially when I was going thru a very rough time and gave me great advice on various subjects. In regards to the friends I have that are of the white race, I love them dearly and will always consider them an important part my life. To be honest with you, they’ve been more supportive of my writing career than my own Black race. How about that.

Had I walked around with a chip on my shoulder and thought that every white person wanted to have me lynched, I wouldn’t have the great relationships with my white friends that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Translation: Not every white person is screaming ‘white power’. Not every white person see me as just another nigger girl. Not every white person has a Nazi sign tattooed on their arm. Not every white person is affiliated with the KKK. Not every white cop is crooked.

It is very true that racism is taught and to be honest with you, that was never something that I wanted to learn. I always felt that if one white person violates me with racial slurs and/or discrimination, that simply means that ONE particular person is a low-life individual, not the entire race. That ONE particular individual needs to be put in their place, not the entire race. That ONE particular individual is ignorant, not the entire race. That’s the point. You never know who may be a blessing to you and if you decide to walk around with a ‘black only’ mindset, you will miss out on some extraordinary opportunities in your life. Be open-minded to be loving to everyone.

So to my dear white people, keep that point in mind when you interact with me and my Black community. We all are not a bunch of ghetto hoodrats. We all don’t drive around with drugs in the car or a suspended license. We all don’t wanna solve our problems with a fist fight (no matter what you see in these god-awful World Star Hip Hop videos). We all are not trying to be on welfare for the rest of our lives. We all don’t think that “the man” is out to get us. We all don’t have a bunch of baby daddies.

Whether you are Black or white, my point is this: If a person is a disgrace, see them as a disgrace because of their actions, not because of their skin color. Racism will never go away but it can definitely be reduced if we take heed to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. As a matter of fact, don’t even stoop to the level of a racist fool because their main agenda is to anger you to the point where you look like a fool. Take a stand against racism by not altering who you are as a person. If you allow the actions of one person to affect how you treat an entire race, you’ve lost the battle. Rise above racism by confronting the actions of that person head-on but remember to demonstrate acts of love with everyone.


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Preachers of LA: Unforgiveness

So last night, I was tuned into yet another episode of Preachers of LA. To be honest with you, I kinda understoond why Deitrick Haddon decided to marry his new wife, Dominique, without telling his family a thing. In this episode, I actually found myself feeling kinda bad (just a lil’) for Deitrick and I’m starting to understand why he’s trying so hard to rebuild his image. From what I saw on the show, his father seems to wanna throw Deitrick’s past in his face, not pointing out the good that Deitrick is trying to do RIGHT NOW.

Okay so we all know the story; Deitrick Haddon conceived a child outta wedlock while he was still married to his first wife. We all know that the news came with some uncool points and blah, blah, blah. But the man has the right to move on with his life and learn from the mistakes that he’s made. We ALL have that same right. No one should ever be allowed in our space to tear us down when we’re trying to get back on track.

So of course, I was a lil’ upset when Deitrick’s parents decided to pay him a visit and while they were all having dinner, Deitrick’s father was treating him as if his son needed to be condemned for the sins that he committed. While at the dinner table, his father was saying things like “You have fallen” and when Deitrick tried to speak, his father interrupted him by saying, “I’m the Bishop” as if to say that his word was the final answer. Even Dominique was rather offended by how Deitrick’s father (or should I say ‘The Bishop’) was treating him.

The phrase “I’m the Bishop” completely rubbed me the wrong way because when someone has “fallen”, they don’t need to be reminded of your title. Furthermore, being a Bishop doesn’t mean that you are equal to God. Regardless of your title, you are still an imperfect human being who is subject to fall just like everybody else. And if someone has fallen short of the glory of God (especially if it’s your own child) they don’t need to keep being reminded of their wrongdoing. Instead, learn to love them past their mess, talk to them out of love, and encourage them to do better. If you tear people down and make them feel ashamed of what they did and CONTINUE to remind them of what they did, they might get angry, they might start to feel like a failure, they might go back to their wrongful ways, and God doesn’t get any glory out of any of it. So therefore, nothing gets solved.

I get so tired of Bishops, Pastors, Deacons, Elders, Ministers, Reverends, etc., acting as if they’ve never messed up before. They forget that they have committed at least one sin, EVEN AFTER THEY WERE CALLED TO PREACH. But the awesome thing about God is that He continues to bless people, even when they make mistakes. Don’t believe me? Open the Bible and read it for yourself about how many times God has given blessings, grace, and mercy to people who were clearly a hot mess. So I definitely understood where Dominique was coming from when she felt that Deitrick’s father was being judgmental. He may be a Bishop but he’s not God Almighty. His job is to preach, not judge. And I don’t have to be a Bishop in order to know that.

Let me be real: The only difference between Deitrick’s sins and the sins of others is that Deitrick’s sins were exposed PUBLICLY. I totally understand that Bishops, Pastors, etc., are supposed to teach the Word of God and speak truthfully. Yes, they are supposed to come to you in love and get on your case when you’ve done wrong. However, beating a dead horse into the ground is not helping the situation. The deed is done and Deitrick’s baby is here. Get over it.

In other words, Deitrick doesn’t need to be reminded that he’s fallen because he already knows that. It can be a hurtful situation when a person is trying to move on past their mistakes and the closest people to you are still living in your past and wants to remind you about it. How sad it is to know that God is the ONLY one that will forgive people and not continue to remind them of their wrongdoing because immortal human beings on earth have yet to master that concept. We must not forget that before we became all of these titles that we want people to recognize us by, the only title that we had was the title, HUMAN.


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Choose Wisely

Let me just say this for the record: I’m not interested in getting married at all. I’m very turned off by the whole idea of it. It’s not in my plans and I have absolutely no use for it. Some people devote a lot of time into looking for their enchanted love and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you want a spouse, a couple of kids, and the house with the white picket fence, that’s more than fine. I’m not against anyone wanting to get married. If you invite me to your wedding, I’ll be there. But as for me, marriage is not in my plans.

But ladies, for those of you that want to get married, don’t marry someone if you are only marrying the person because you’re afraid to be alone. Whether you believe it or not, your loneliness will not be “cured” by simply walking down the isle. If you get married due to loneliness, you may find out very quickly that you’ve made the wrong decision. Not to sound corny but the only one that can help you get thru your ordeal of loneliness is God because if you’re not satisfied with being single, chances are that you won’t be satisfied being married.

Let me be real: It makes my heart bleed when a woman marries a man that she knows is not meant for her and then she spends astronomical time complaining about him to everyone that she knows. If you knew damn well that Tyrone was a piece of crap BEFORE you married him, there is a ninety-nine percent chance that he will remain the same after he walks down the aisle. So stop complaining.

Nobody wants to hear about how fed up you are that Tyrone lays his fat tail on the couch, not even making an attempt to help you take care of the household. You knew doggone well that he was jobless when you met him and that he wasn’t interested in working anywhere. We don’t wanna hear about how Tyrone’s chain smoking is giving you a headache even though you knew that he was a walking ashtray before he said ‘I do’.

When you gave birth to his child, it became one of the most bittersweet moments of your life because Tyrone’s ‘inner asshole’ had surfaced and made its presence known in your home. Instead of Tyrone helping you with the baby, you find yourself doing all of the work and you are resentful of your baby sister because she is always partying her tail off and the only dilemma she has to face in life is figuring out which Chanel bag goes best with the new outfit that she just bought with her American Express credit card. You’re upset with your mom because she just snagged her a twenty-something year old boyfriend who is screwing her brains out and she doesn’t have time to babysit lil’ Jessica and change her diapers, feed her, rock her to sleep, and clean up after her.

You most certainly can’t call your homegirl Yvette to help you out because you haven’t spoken to her since you’ve cursed her out when she tried to warn you about Tyrone’s disgusting and cheating ways. Although a couple of her blouses are stained on the shoulder area with your tears because you kept on crying to her about Tyrone’s indiscretions, you’ve still decided to place Yvette on your hit list.

Your boss at work has given you your last warning of you coming to work late and being absent excessively due to your inability to pay for a babysitter. Although Tyrone (with his no-job-having self) is more than capable to babysit his own child, he refuses because he claims that he’s so busy trying to concentrate on how to get to the next level on Candy Crush. This makes you angry and you complain to him about his negligence when it comes to lil’ Jessica but then again, the triflin’ negro doesn’t even tend to the other five kids that he has with other women.

See what happens when you settle? See what happens when you allow loneliness to overwhelm you? To this day, I know of a few people that were extremely desperate to get married and when they got married, they quickly realized that it’s a very hard thing to adapt to. They became miserable and started to miss the ‘single life’. See, that’s what happens when you become anxious for something that you are really not prepared for. Then you start to think that maybe you should’ve bought a puppy instead. So take your time, learn to love yourself, and simply enjoy every moment for what it’s worth.


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