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What a summer I’ve had!! I may have been gone from the world for a minute but that’s because I’ve been soooo busy working on getting my publishing company together. Not only that, my stepfather passed away and so I was helping my mom cope with that. These days, she’s doing a lot better but she does have her days when it gets hard for her to deal with it. Anyway, just because I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on in this crazy world. To be honest, there’s been several things that has gotten on my damn nerves and of course, I’m gonna address them. But the first topic that I want to address is:

 Michael Vick

Let’s not pretend as if Michael Vick is not a fantastic football player. He is a monster on the football field. However, when he got caught up in that scandal in regards to dog fighting, that situation overshadowed his achievements. For those of you that don’t know about the dog fighting issue, I’ll make it brief for you: Several years ago, Michael Vick was involved with dog fighting and killing dogs that “wasn’t up to par.” Word has it that it was actually his friends that were involved in the illegal activity but since it was done at Michael Vick’s house and he allowed it, he was held responsible and had to spend some time in prison for it. I don’t know how true that part is but at either rate, he had to pay for that crime.

After he was released in prison, Vick returned to football and got his life back together. It was as if he didn’t miss a beat. So this year, he got picked up by MY favorite football team, the Steelers. First of all, the Steelers was a serious movement BEFORE Vick but now they’re gonna be even more spectacular with Vick joining them. However, there were a big group of Steelers fans who are huge pet lovers and they damn near had a shit storm about Michael Vick joining the team. They decided to boycott and have a vigil for the dogs that Vick was accused of killing. Sonica Jackson thought that their reaction to Vick joining the Steelers was absolutely ridiculous and that they needed to sit their asses down.

Let me say this: I am a pet lover too. I LOVE dogs (except pit bulls. They love to eat humans for whatever reason) but I do think that a lot of pet lovers go to the extreme when it comes to their love for pets. Yes, I do think that what Michael Vick did was wrong and cruel but the man did pay for his crime so with that being said, he has the right to move on.  I don’t think that he should spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement for some damn dogs and if you don’t appreciate my honesty, then you can go to hell and take them dogs with you.

For those that don’t know, dog fighting has been around for many years and I knew about it while growing up in the inner city. It was something that men did all the time. I’m not trying to excuse what Vick did but you have to understand that most Black people know about dog fighting from back in the day and when there was a dog that wasn’t a good candidate, you killed it. That’s just how it was.  To most of the people in the inner city, it was looked upon as just another sport. Although I don’t know Vick personal, I do believe that maybe this was the reason why he didn’t take it seriously. Now that he has realized just how serious it is, I don’t think that he will ever get involved in something like this again. With being said, leave the man alone and let him move on.

Just the other day, I was reading something where someone called Vick a monster. I thought to myself, ‘Oh, really? Getting involved in an illegal dog fighting ring doesn’t make you a monster. It makes you a human being that did something wrong.’ I can think of several people on this earth that are monsters but rest assure that Mr. Vick doesn’t fit that category. We as a society are some of the most unforgiving, relentless folks on the face of this earth. We will hold on to things and hold mistakes over someone’s head for the rest of their lives but if someone turns around and treats us the same, the first thing we wanna say is, “God said that we are not to judge.”

In a nutshell, I think that Michael Vick is an outstanding football player that should be allowed to play for the Steelers without being harassed by idiots that want to constantly throw the man’s past up in his face. If you don’t want someone doing it to you, then don’t do it to him. I think that these insane pet lovers need to take a chill pill and realize that in this world, he have A LOT more things to be worried about. Stop wasting your time and energy on nonsense. If you would just spend that same amount of energy on things that are really tearing up this country, you would be making a huge difference. Instead of having a vigil for some dogs, perhaps you can start a vigil for all the African Americans that died by the hands of racist cops. Perhaps you can have a vigil for people who died from world hunger. Perhaps you can have a vigil for gay people who died as a result of hate crimes. Perhaps you can have a vigil for African Americans who died while fighting for their rights. Perhaps you can have a vigil for all these vicious mothers who have killed their own babies. Perhaps you can have a vigil for people who died from gun violence. Just a thought.


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So Ridiculous

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Sometimes, I wonder about people and what they are thinking about when they choose to execute stupid actions. Just in case you haven’t heard the story, there was a sixth grader by the name of Adrionna Harris who got suspended from Bayside Middle School for confiscating a blade from one of her classmates. According to the news, the little girl witnessed her classmate using the blade to do harm to himself, cutting his arm with blade until he bled. She took the blade away from him and went to the guidance counselor to report what happened. Sounds like a good deed, right?

Welp, a “genius” at the school felt otherwise. Instead of praising the young girl for doing the right thing by preventing a classmate from causing permanent damage to himself or possibly committing suicide, they chose to suspend Adrionna due to their “zero tolerance” policy. According to the policy, there is zero tolerance for any child caught with a weapon and if any child is caught with one, there is the possibility that they will get suspended and expelled from school. It would be great policy if we were dealing with some type of Columbine or Virginia Tech school shooting but if a student is caught with a weapon because they CONFISCATED the weapon from someone that was doing harm to themselves, shouldn’t the school have used common sense in this case?

Would it have been better for the young girl to not have intervene at all and just let the classmate kill himself with the blade, right there in the classroom? If that had happened, would the young girl get blamed for watching the incident and choosing not to say something? Who hired these educators to be educators if they don’t even have common sense? If anyone should’ve been suspended, it should’ve been the one that chose to bring the blade to the school. Furthermore, who is this “guidance counselor” who couldn’t understand that Adrionna was trying to save someone’s life? How are you a guidance counselor and you can’t even guide yourself thru this equation to understand what the young girl was doing? If Adrionna went to the guidance counselor to report the issue and then she got suspended, this means that the guidance counselor was the one that went to either the principal or someone else of authority to report that Adrionna had a blade in her hand. Did the guidance even bother to explain WHY the young girl had a blade in her possession or just the fact that she had a blade?

I understand that most schools have picked up a zero tolerance policy for safety purposes but when we’re talking a saving a human life, people at the Virginia Beach school board really needed to put on their thinking cap for this one. After a week of Adrionna being suspended from school, the school board decided to lift the suspension as of Friday and cleared the incident from her record. That’s great…but there shouldn’t have been a record in the first place had anyone been thinking about what the young girl was trying to do. It seems like this school was so focused on their policy being followed, that they threw common sense out the window. I do believe that all schools need to be strict when setting guidelines to protect their students but there should also be guidelines set in place to protect the students from the foolish thinking of adults, whenever that child does something honorable. Thank you very much.


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Mean and Elderly

At an early age, my mother taught me to respect my elders because they supposedly have more wisdom than a younger person. So throughout all of my life, I have listened to my elders and respected them. Fortunately, the ones that I have met in life were very sweet, love to talk about their life story, share some of their best recipes, and love to have someone to listen to.

But every know and then, you’ll come across that one ol’ self-righteous hag that thinks that the world owes her something. She knows that it would be completely terrible and disrespectful if you gave her mean behind a slap for stepping outta line with you. And although I will not ever do something like that in real life, there have been plenty of times when I have body-slammed a mean ol’ lady in my mind.

For example, yesterday I was picking up a few things from the store and a cashier opened up her line and invited people over so that she can check them out. I got in the line and all of a sudden, this mean-looking ol’ lady rudely informed me that I needed to let her go ahead of me. She even gave me a look as if she was telling me that I needed to do what she say.

Everything in me wanted to elbow her straight in her dentures because of her funky attitude but I politely moved and allowed her to go first. Had she simply asked me nicely if she could go ahead of me, I wouldn’t mind it at all. Like I said, I respect my elders. But for her to DEMAND that I let her go first as if I owed her something, really threw me for a loop.

I totally understand that elderly people are to be love, protected, helped, respected, and understood. When you have people out here in the world that tends to overlook elderly people, I do believe that we should be there for them as much as possible.  However, I have a serious problem with the ones that expect for people to show them respect but yet they don’t show it in return. Instead, they treat you as if you should be prosecuted for breathing the same air that they breathe.

So here’s what I have to say to the mean ol’ elderly men and women who treat other people like they’re inferior:

Just because you can get a senior citizen discount at The Dairy Queen doesn’t mean that people should elevate you higher than Jesus. If you want people to respect you, then you need to show respect to others as well. If you don’t wanna be disrespected, then don’t disrespect others. Translation: If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Considering the fact that you are indeed the elders, you all are supposed to be the voice of reason. In other words, you all are supposed to be the ones with the most wisdom and the ones that is supposed to teach the younger generations how we are supposed to treat one another. But if you go out in public and act like fools, that’s the example that you leaving for all of us…and many of us will learn from your example.


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Girl, Please

Now of course, my Black sistas are known to be strong, beautiful, blah, blah, blah. But every now and then, you’ll come across a couple of idiots that will make you come outta your element. With that being said, let me just put it plainly to those insecure, dangerously jealous, dirty heffas: NOT EVERY WOMAN WANTS YOUR MAN!!! If he is truly yours and you know this for a fact, then there’s no need to have a stroke just because a female is breathing the same air that he breathes. A jealous woman will lose her cool and punch out a female just because the female was standing next to him in line at Popeyes. Poor girl can’t even get her grub on because you’ve hit her with a two-piece and busted out her fronts.

A jealous woman will go as far as to plant a foot in the ass of a female Wal-Mart greeter, simply because she said to her man, “Hello. Thank you for coming to Wal-Mart.” Newsflash: THAT’S HER JOB! She gets paid to talk to EVERYONE…including your man. Yes, I know that plenty of women have fallen for the whole myth that there’s not a lot of men to go around. (Yeah, right). And so now you have women snatching up any man that they can find like it’s Black Friday. The problem with that is that you have a lot of women, settling. They become so afraid that they will never have the man that they truly deserve and desire so they settle for the generic brand of a man.
Yes, I know that there are some women out there who make it a career to steal someone’s man and yes it’s very disrespectful and yes they will catch karma like a bad cold. But I must say that the majority of “man stealers” usually go after men that are worth stealing. In other words, don’t nobody want Pookie with his dirty, stankin’, no-job-havin’ ass. I hate to see females walking around confused and bewildered so here’s a list to help you figure out if your man is the generic brand that NO WOMAN WANTS:
1. He doesn’t bother to have a relationship with God.
2. He has enough babymamas to start a corporation.
3. The only one paying the bills in the house is YOU.
4. He beats the hell outta you like you stole from Jesus.
5. He won’t try to clean up his debt/credit.
6. He doesn’t protect you.
7. He doesn’t respect you.
8. The highlight of his day is getting high and drinking Hennessy like it’s water.
Of course, some women may say, “Well, I rather have a piece of a man than to have no man at all.” Humph. That’s like going to buy a bag of chips and when you open the bag, ain’t nothing in it but crumbs. If all you want is crumbs, more power to you. In that case, don’t be expecting better from Mr.Man. That’s like looking for brand name clothes at the Family Dollar.
What’s even worse is when a woman knows full well that she got an “ain’t sh*t” man but decides to be with him anyway because she thinks that she can “change” him or feel like she can “clean him up” like he’s some puppy that she rescued from the pound. If he truly is trying to get his stuff together then by all means, be very supportive of that. But if he don’t give a damn, why should you?
And lastly, Jay-Z and Beyonce’ are Jay-Z and Beyonce’. I get so sick and tired of women talking about they want the same relationship that Jay-Z and Beyonce’ has. I’m pretty sure that they are a happily married but if you’re not sleeping in their bed, then you don’t know what’s going on in the privacy of their home. For all we know, Beyonce’ may be laying the pimp-hand down on Mr. Shawn Carter (Just kidding around y’all). I seriously doubt that anything like that is going on in their marriage and yes they do look very happy together. But my point is that you should never want what someone else has, based on what you see on the outside. Be with someone that was designed solely for you and be confident in that relationship.
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Family Foolishness


Do you know what’s the cool part about family reunions? The part when you meet certain relatives that you didn’t even know existed. Such was the case when I met my cousin, Terry, at my family reunion about six years ago. He was so cool and I was able to relate to him a lil’ better than some of my female relatives. And to this day, we are still cool. That day when I met him, we hung out with three other cousins at a venue and we all had a ball. It was like we formed a ‘Cousin Crew’ and it really made the reunion worthwhile. But…not everybody is so lucky.

There are tons of people that attend their family reunions and the family reunion turns into a ‘Family Fight Fest’. One of the reasons is because there are old wounds that have yet to heal. Sometimes, when two or more relatives have an issue with each other, they’ll show up to the family reunion with ass whoopin’ on their minds. Of course, it’s not right but it does happen. We all know that the purpose of the family reunion is for the family to UNITE; fellowship with relatives that we haven’t seen in ages, meet new relatives, eat lots of food, talk about the good ol’ days, and pay homage to our ancestors.

But let’s be real; Keisha and Tosha are not thinking about showing each other some love. And why? Well five years ago, Keisha heard thru the grapevine that her sister Tosha slept with her boyfriend while Keisha was away at college. Tosha denied it several times. But one day, Keisha came home unexpectedly from college and caught her boyfriend and sister slappin’ skin like porn stars.

Since that day, Keisha and Tosha’s relationship has been severed and they don’t deal with each other at all. People in the family have urged them to make amends but Keisha finds it hard to do so every time she lay her eyes on lil’ Donte’, whom is Tosha’s son by Keisha’s ex-boyfriend. The last time that Keisha and Tosha had an exchange of words, Tosha was butt-naked trying to defend herself from the blows that Keisha was laying on her while Keisha’s boyfriend ran outta the house, holding his pants in his hand.

So the day of the family reunion comes around and everyone is having a great time. But the minute that Keisha and Tosha shows up, the tension in the room becomes so thick that it’s hard to ignore. They don’t say anything to each other and everyone notices it. The relatives are kinda quiet as if they’re sitting in court, waiting on a verdict. But after a few minutes, nothing gets outta hand and so everyone thinks that there won’t be any problems at the gathering after all.

That is, until…

Keisha and Tosha walks up to the food table where Auntie Lucy Mae laid out her infamous macaroni and cheese. When Keisha and Tosha both reach for the serving spoon, all hell breaks loose. Keisha snatches the spoon away from Tosha and hits her straight in the forehead with it. In the blink of an eye, tables are turned over and Keisha and Tosha are rolling around on the floor. They both are pulling each other’s hair out and cousin Terrence is recording the whole thing with his iPhone.

Finally, someone breaks up the fight and separate the two women but the damage is already done. The food is all scattered all over the damn floor which really pisses off Uncle Pete because he busted his tail grilling up all those racks of ribs. The kids are crying because of what they’ve just witnessed and the elders in the family are shaking their heads in disbelief. And you can best believe that the ol’ fat hens in the family are gonna get on the phone with each other and talk about this mess for days.

If you are one of those individuals that have fought at a family reunion or you’re thinking about kicking so-and-so’s ass when you see them at the gathering, take heed to three words: LET. IT. GO. Yes, I know that it can be hard sometimes to let a situation go and forgive the person that has wronged you when all you really wanna do is claw their eyes out. Especially when it’s a family member that has hurt you.

But believe me, it’s really not worth holding on to it. It takes a lot of energy to stay mad versus being happy. If you were told that today will be your last day on earth, don’t spend it being mad at the fool who did you wrong. Some people stay mad for years and years, letting something eat away at them while the other person is sleeping good at night. Spend your time wisely on the things that give you joy and peace. Holding grudges will hold your blessings. Can you honestly say that the person that wronged you is worth all of that? Honey, please.  In other words, forgive, live your life, and move on. Believe me, the person that has wronged you, will have their day with karma.


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The Jilted Jump-Off

Maybe I was cut from a different cloth. But as for me, there’s no way in hell that I’m gonna write a book, talking in great detail about the men that I’ve had sex with. I understand that the economy is forcing people to make money by any means necessary but are you really that broke that you have to write a book on how many men that you’ve smacked bellies with?

Now I’m not too sure who started the tell-all phenomenon and although some of the books are quite entertaining and comical (I don’t mind laughing at heauxs), I still can’t grasp the concept as to why they would want to put all of their business out on public display. But then again, heauxs and self-respect are a conflict of interest, right?

As I was thinking about writing this topic, I was saying to myself, ‘What exactly constitutes a heaux? Is there a prerequisite to being a heaux?’ Well, maybe so. I’m thinking that in order to be a certified heaux-ologist, you would either have to do one of the following:

A. Have so many dudes coming in and out of your bed that the dent in her mattress looks like a bottomless pit.

B.  Understand that churches all over the world have reserved a spot for you on their Sick and Shut-In list because they just know for a fact that you’re gonna catch one helluva disease that’s gonna make your clit crumble like a soufflé.

C.  Both A and B.

Now don’t get me wrong: Being a heaux doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing for those who are one. If you’re content with it and that’s how you thrive in life, then so be it. That’s your business. But honestly, you have to be one mad heffa to wanna write a book about all of your gentlemen callers.

Yes, I know that you want the public to believe that the reason why you want to tell everyone about all the sex that you’ve had with your vast amount of sex partners is because you want young women to “learn something” from your story, but let’s be real: The real reason why a heaux writes tell-all books is because:

A.  The dude that she was sleeping with has lost interest in her and she’s extremely upset about it.

B.  The dude that she was sleeping with has found a new heaux and the original heaux is extremely upset about it.

C.  The dude that she was sleeping with has either gotten married or is now in a serious relationship and the heaux is extremely upset about it.

D.  The heaux wants fame by any means necessary.

 E. The heaux realizes that she hasn’t accomplished a damn thing in her life except a dented headboard frame and a wet ass.

Not too long ago, I was watching TV and they were talking about this old-ass lady who’s gonna be coming out with a tell-all book, naming names of celebrity men that she’s slept with and in horrific detail. Because she looked ancient as hell, I thought that she had enough wisdom to know better than to put her business out in the streets. But I guess not.

True enough, this is a free country. You can say whatever the hell you want to say. So of course, coming out with a tell-all book about your former sex partners is not a crime. It’s just senseless like assed-out jeans and most men are not gonna take you seriously because you’re letting everyone know that you’ve had a party between your legs. Now of course, I’ve laid my eyes on a couple of these books and why? Because I love comedy. And believe me, heauxs are hilarious. Oh, yes.

Anyway, if you want to write a tell-all book, be my guest. And if you’re writing one because rent is due and you’re two months behind, that’s your prerogative. But if you’re writing one for the sole purpose of seeking revenge against your former sex partner(s) because they’ve settled down with decent women and became family men, go seek help.

Let me explain something to you: If you know damn well that you were just a sex toy for all of these men, you shouldn’t be upset if they decided to play you to the left and not take you seriously. If you didn’t take yourself seriously, why should they?

Yes, I know that you thought Mr. Man loved you simply because he’s bought you a pair of designer shoes but he was just returning the favor for you giving him what he wanted from the jump. And stop lying to yourself, saying that you’re writing a tell-all book because you want the “truth” to come out. The actual truth is that you’re upset because he moved on with his life and it makes you sick to your stomach that he wakes up to a gorgeous woman who makes her money standing up.

Now if you’re trying to explain your story because you’re describing the mistakes that you’ve made, the self-respect that you’ve compromised, and how you were able to become a better woman, that’s very understandable. There’s nothing like growth. But what you have to understand is that Mr. Man has the right to experience growth as well…which may be the reason why he dropped ya’ ass.


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Unemployment Hell

A while back, I was chatting with a few people that were recently laid off from their jobs and they both were feeling the pressure of not being able to find work in order to pay their bills. I’ve been there so I knew exactly what they were going thru. What’s worse is that the people I was holding a conversation with are highly educated but can’t even get a job at Burger King! What the what!?! But as I was talking to them, I realized why they haven’t been able to find any jobs. And believe me, it’s not their fault. Here’s why:

1. The Runaround– When people are looking for work, the LAST thing that they wanna do is waste time and gas, dealing with an employer that has no intentions of hiring them in the first place. I myself remember going on interviews in the past when an employer has said to me, “Well, we’re not hiring right now but we will be hiring in the near future. So that’s why we called you in for an interview.” So with all the crazy time that I wasted trying to get a job with the We’re Not Hiring corporation, I could’ve used that time to go find a job with a corporation that actually did have positions available. So when my two friends told me that they went thru this type of ordeal, I understood.

2. So-Called Over-Qualified– A person who may have years of experience in computer technology, human resources or healthcare, will have the hardest time finding the most simplest job in order to make ends meet, due to them being over-qualified. It seems like a person has to have five years of experience in a restaurant in order to cook scattered hashbrowns at restaurant. In other words, you have to damn near have certifications just to get a job that a five-year old can do. How hard is it to put groceries in a damn bag? How hard is it to put clothes on a rack? If a person used to be a nursing assistant, clearly they know how to put a hamburger on a bun and place it in a paper bag.

3. The I-Don’t-Give-A-Damn Syndrome- Even with this world being corrupt, more people losing jobs, and the economy not getting any better, you still have plenty of employers who just don’t give a damn. And why? Because it’s not them that’s looking for a job. Some of them don’t care nor do they take into consideration that you may have mouths to feed or that you may have received your last unemployment check. They don’t care that Georgia Power is threatening to shut your lights off and that you just received an eviction notice on your door and you have no means to pay your rent. It is because of that syndrome that certain employers will never understand how insensitive they are being to the job candidate until they themselves are the ones that are out of a job and have to go thru the same rat race that other job seekers are going thru. I remember a while back when I applied for a job, got called in for an interview, went to the interview and was told that I would be given a call back “in a few days”. Well, a “few days” came and went and so I took the initiative of calling the employer to find out if I was still being considered for the job. Instead of the employer understanding that I was interested in the job, she was rude and made it clear that she didn’t appreciate the fact that I called to see if I was still being considered for the job. I thought to myself, Well excuse the hell outta me for calling you about my application, Ms. I-Have-A-Job. Let’s see what happens when the shoe is on the other foot. Employers, I understand that you can’t hire everyone but you need to at least get a grip on life and realize that in this day and age, NOBODY’s job is secure…including yours. The same day that you choose to be insensitive to an unemployed person may be the same day that YOU receive a pink slip of your own. So to all the employers out there, treat people the way that you would want to be treated if YOU were looking for a job.

4. Bologna Job Search Websites/Agencies– There’s nothing worse for a job seeker than for one to be looking for a job on a job search website and finding out that the position you’re applying for is either fake, has expired, or the “job” just want your personal information so that they can sell you something. There’s one job search website that will allow employers to post the SAME position damn near ten times in a row. Wouldn’t that be considered spam? Hmmm. Or how about there are certain temp agencies that chooses to put people thru hell by having them fill out tons of paperwork just to put it in a file, store it away, and never bother to look for positions that may be suitable for the job candidate. I guess that happens when the workers at the temp agency gets bored and so they decide to call people and have them come down to the agency and waste a lot of time. What a shame.

Well, my dear job seekers, if you are like me and refuse to sell drugs or sell your ass in order to make ends meet, you’re gonna have to find out what your hustle is and make it work for you in order to survive in this economy. That’s the same advice that I gave my friends. When I saw the possibility of me being able to be a writer, I took the bull by the horns and I refuse to let go until I finally make it. Don’t get me wrong though; trying to make your dreams come true while still working at your day job is A LOT of hard work. It’s no fun day at the park. But since I want my dreams to come true, I’m gonna get it done. And that’s because I know what it’s like to look for a job, get a job, lose the job, return back to the rat race, and come up short.


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Here’s a video from comedian Kain Carter on his opinion about looking for a job. Interesting.