Dear Michael Dunn

(Mug shot picture of Michael Dunn)

Welp! I guess that you decided to join the Let’s-Kill-A-Black-Teen club, huh? Of course, the tragic events of you taking the life of Jordan Davis happened well over a year ago and although your trial is just now starting, it doesn’t mean that people are not going to lift up their voices about it…including myself. Considering that this murder took place in Florida, I’m not hardly surprised that you’re using the “Stand Your Ground” law as a backup plan to weasel yourself out of a murder conviction. The whole “I felt threatened” excuse that you’ve used during the first part of your trial is enough to make me wanna snatch your balls off from the stem like an apple from a tree. (Forgive me if I sound violent. I’m feeling some kind of way today).

Help me understand something: Why is it that white people, such as yourself, are always feeling so “threatened” when it comes to being in the same vicinity as Black people? I’m not talking about all white people; I’m talking about the ones that automatically feel threatened the minute that they see a Black face. Do you think that Black people are all just a bunch of unruly porch monkeys that just wanna wreak havoc amongst the white community?  Do you think that we don’t have anything else better to do than to terrorize white people? And how in the world were these Black teenagers a threat to you when they were MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS? It’s funny how you claimed to feel so threatened but yet YOU were the only one at the scene with a gun, YOU were the one that approached the SUV, and YOU were the only one who opened fire, riddling the red SUV with several bullets which caused the death of one of the teenagers. You did exactly what the Black community is always being accused of doing; you decided to solve your problem with violence.

First of all, I don’t give a damn that a SUV full of Black teens were bumpin’ their music loud at a gas station. No matter how annoying it was, it didn’t give you the right to approach their car and demand that they turn down their music. If they were your neighbors and they were blasting their music, I would totally understand you asking them to turn it down. No one wants noisy neighbors. But sir, you were at a gas station…which is public domain. If an employee of the gas station didn’t come out and say anything to these teenagers, why would you? You could’ve simply came to the gas station to get what you wanted and left without anyone getting killed and without you facing criminal charges.  As a matter of fact, if the music was just too unbearable, you could’ve simply gotten in your car and drove to another gas station. But no. YOU decided that you wanted to “diffuse” the situation by any means necessary. What I find even more disturbing is that a lot of white people that apparently have the same mindset as you, wanna label the teenagers in this SUV as thugs because of their loud music but yet it was YOU that acted like a thug. Your thug-like actions are the reason why a life was taken and you have to endure a trial.

Keep it real, Mr. Dunn; you know damn well that you provoked the situation straight from the beginning. You were looking for a reason to take the life of an African American male so that you could simply get away with murder like George Zimmerman did. That’s why you came up with this god-awful excuse for your actions, saying that the teens called you a “cracker.” changing things. Who’s to say that he wouldn’t have went on to be such an amazing pillar of the Black community to the point where he would’ve effected your views about that Black people in a positive way. But you robbed him of his future. You robbed him of the chance to be a good husband and father. You robbed him of having a promising future. You robbed him of having a great career. You robbed his parents of ever having to say, “My son grew up into a wonderful Black man that has done so many wonderful things that we’re proud of.”

In all honesty, I believe that these teenagers actually did call you a cracker after you told them to turn down their music. But so what if they did. Do you know how many times Black people, including myself, have been called a nigger from the likes of you? But if we turn around and choose to retaliate, then we would be accused of being violent and “sensitive.” Common sense should’ve told you that walking over to someone’s car and demanding that they do something, just might get you called out of your name or beat up. These are teenagers, Mr. Dunn. What did you expect? Furthermore, let me inform you that not all young Black males are thugs. That’s like saying that all white males are members of the KKK. Simply put, you could’ve walked away if you wanted to…but you chose not to. So miss me with the whole “not guilty” plea that you’re claiming. I’m not buying it.


Copyright © 2014 by Sonica Jackson

Considering the fact that I’m really trying to stop cursing or at least reduce my cursing by seventy-five percent, I’ll just let this song by the legendary Millie Jackson fill you in on what I really want to say to you.

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