Chili is Chili


Welp,  I see that the year 2014 is gonna be that year where people are gonna lose their minds over everything. It seems that Rozonda “Chili” Thomas, member of the group TLC, got stung by the bees in the “Beyhive” (or should I say the “Bey Bullies”) when she retweeted a list of forbidden phrases for 2014 and number 5 referenced r&b artist, Beyonce’. Immediately after Chili made the tweet, fans of Beyoncé loaded Chili’s Twitter page with obscene, hateful, and disrespectful comments that were so massive that Chili decided to delete the post.

Now although Beyoncé is one of my upmost favorite music artists, I’m not gonna piss a ball of fire if someone makes a joke about her. I’m not gonna go on a killing spree if someone doesn’t like her. And that’s because people are entitled to feel however they want to feel about anybody. So with that being said, I truly think that these Beyoncé fans that had something ridiculous to say to Chili needs to really calm down and get a grip on life. It’s not that serious.

Chili did say that she loves Beyoncé and that she was only talking about ‘sayings’ that needed to be forbidden to say in 2014. Whether it’s good or bad, it is HER opinion and she’s entitled to it. So therefore, it’s not necessary to bully her. This whole speaking-up-for-Beyoncé-at-every-turn is truly getting out of hand and needs to be taken under control. Do you guys speak up this hard against lowering the crime rate? Do you guys speak up this hard to end human trafficking? Although I love Beyoncé and so do many others including Chili, people need to understand that there are some people out there who don’t love or like her and THAT IS THEIR RIGHT. Who are we to scold them and try to force them to feel otherwise?

For all of you crazed Beyoncé fans, stans, beyhives, bullies or whatever it is that you call yourselves, find something else better to do and quit jumping down Chili’s throat over something that is so trivial. I’m pretty sure that none of you are getting paid to act a fool and be disrespectful on behalf of Queen B.  And if I were some of you, I would be very careful as to what I put on social media because now that this incident has went public and everyone can see the names and faces of those that gave Chili a verbal lashing, you never know if your boss at work got wind of it and will decide to terminate you because of your poor conduct. But hey, if that happens, maybe you can ask Beyoncé for a job. 🙂

Anyway, my point is this: Although Beyoncé is the top music artist out there and she is definitely one of my favorites, she is not God. When it gets to a point where you will worship her more than you will worship THE ONE THAT GAVE YOU LIFE, that’s a serious issue. In fact, just the thought of you guys actually worshipping her like she’s The Almighty One is insane. I love her but she’s not the reason that I breath. When I’m facing difficult times and I’m in need of guidance, I don’t fall on my knees and pray to Beyoncé during my darkest hour. She didn’t make heaven and earth, she didn’t die on the cross for my sins, and she didn’t give sight to the blind with just the touch of her hand. And I’m pretty sure that if you was to ask her, she’ll tell you that if it wasn’t for God, she wouldn’t be where she is today. So in other words, it’s okay to be a FAN of Beyoncé but it’s not okay to be a WORSHIPPER of Beyoncé.  So get yourself together and realize that she’s a human being just like everyone else.

My point is this: stop dissing Chili over something as silly as this. Leave her alone. Enough is enough. If Beyoncé is not even paying it any attention, why are you?  Spend more of your time working on things that are constructive versus who said what about Beyoncé. You’re wasting time and energy. Believe me, I’m pretty sure that Beyoncé has dealt with things that were a lot worst and she was able to persevere throughout all of it. So breathe, count to ten, and sit yourself down.


Copyright © 2014 by Sonica Jackson

***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.


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