Don’t Blame The Whole Race

Let me be real: Although I absolutely love my Black heritage and I love being a Black woman, that doesn’t mean that I believe that white people are the devil. I do whatever I can to uplift my beautiful Black people such as supporting their business ventures, giving them encouraging words, etc. However, that doesn’t exclude the white people that really do have a good heart towards all of humanity.

It would be foolish of me to say that racism doesn’t exist. Of course racism exist and it’s running wild with her sister named, ‘Hate’. As a Black woman, I have been a victim of racism more than once and as a matter of fact, I’ve experienced it in the city of Pittsburgh just a few months ago. So I definitely know about racism and how real it is. But if I choose to act just as ignorant as a person that chooses to engage in racist behavior, then I’m no better than that person. Yes, it’s true that sometimes you have to kick a lil’ tail to get your point across but when you actually think before you respond to a situation, you have a better chance of making the other person look like a fool and keeping your dignity.

For the most part, I have been blessed to meet some amazing white people; the ones that have a heart of gold and have prayed for me and with me during my darkest hour. Some have even helped me financially when I was going thru a very rough time and gave me great advice on various subjects. In regards to the friends I have that are of the white race, I love them dearly and will always consider them an important part my life. To be honest with you, they’ve been more supportive of my writing career than my own Black race. How about that.

Had I walked around with a chip on my shoulder and thought that every white person wanted to have me lynched, I wouldn’t have the great relationships with my white friends that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Translation: Not every white person is screaming ‘white power’. Not every white person see me as just another nigger girl. Not every white person has a Nazi sign tattooed on their arm. Not every white person is affiliated with the KKK. Not every white cop is crooked.

It is very true that racism is taught and to be honest with you, that was never something that I wanted to learn. I always felt that if one white person violates me with racial slurs and/or discrimination, that simply means that ONE particular person is a low-life individual, not the entire race. That ONE particular individual needs to be put in their place, not the entire race. That ONE particular individual is ignorant, not the entire race. That’s the point. You never know who may be a blessing to you and if you decide to walk around with a ‘black only’ mindset, you will miss out on some extraordinary opportunities in your life. Be open-minded to be loving to everyone.

So to my dear white people, keep that point in mind when you interact with me and my Black community. We all are not a bunch of ghetto hoodrats. We all don’t drive around with drugs in the car or a suspended license. We all don’t wanna solve our problems with a fist fight (no matter what you see in these god-awful World Star Hip Hop videos). We all are not trying to be on welfare for the rest of our lives. We all don’t think that “the man” is out to get us. We all don’t have a bunch of baby daddies.

Whether you are Black or white, my point is this: If a person is a disgrace, see them as a disgrace because of their actions, not because of their skin color. Racism will never go away but it can definitely be reduced if we take heed to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. As a matter of fact, don’t even stoop to the level of a racist fool because their main agenda is to anger you to the point where you look like a fool. Take a stand against racism by not altering who you are as a person. If you allow the actions of one person to affect how you treat an entire race, you’ve lost the battle. Rise above racism by confronting the actions of that person head-on but remember to demonstrate acts of love with everyone.


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.


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