My Chat with Comedian Saint Vick!

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On Friday night, I had the pleasure of going to The Spirit of Laughter comedy show and I only have one word to describe it: AMAZING. At the present moment, my head and my sides still hurts from all of the laughing that I did. The show was full of so many surprises such as singing, fashions, vendors, caterers, poetry and of course, comedy. The creator of the show was comedian Victor Terrell (better known as Saint Vick) who is the founder and owner of Keep Rising Outreach Productions, a company that he runs with his business partner, Maxine McDaniels.

When I arrived to the show, I realized that I should’ve gotten there a lil’ earlier because a massive crowd of people were in attendance. There were more people at the show than at a convention and the seats were filling up fast as if Saint Vick was gonna give away free bags of money. Saint Vick was the host of the show which was headlined with fantastic comedians such as Willie Brown, Miss Sunshine, Marvin Hunter, and Degario “Double D” Turner. All four of these amazing acts tore the house down in a major way and afterwards, we partied like rock stars at the after party which consisted of line-dancing and networking.

Nowadays, Saint Vick is a very busy, high-in-demand, businessman and so I was very blessed to be able to catch up with him and chat with him in regards to his career as a comedian. While talking to him, he was very humble and more than willing to answer all of my questions which made my job a lot easier.  Thank God! Feast your eyes on our lil’ Q & A session:

How did you know that a career in comedy was meant for you?

Saint Vick: I knew the career in comedy was for me because as a young kid, having the driving passion to make people laugh and it just never went away. When I became a teenager I decided to embrace it instead of ignoring it…….It Worked! Lol.

Who was the most influential person that you met and why?

Saint Vick: I’ve met so many people who have infuinced me I can’t say just one but to narrow it down I will have to say the guys of 4 Manna Quest. (not just because we are friends either. lol)  Vyck Cooley, Darian Perkins, Willie Brown, Marc Henderson, & Shedrick Garrett. When I met these guys all in an individual time pretty much, they all had been doing television, movies, radio etc…. and they all embraced me & Vyck Cooley took me under his wing and showed me the ropes and how to survive in the life of comedy……I haven’t looked back since. Darian cultivated me with wisdom and knowledge of it all. Shedrick showed me how to grow as an business man (doing behind the scenes work and still being an comedian all on the same production). Willie helped me to get my name out in public view connected me with many people in the ministry and industry. Marc has truly been the one to show me how to take faith steps and discernment to know what to do and not to do especially as a comedian representing Christ……….The influence these guys have on my life is remarkable and irreplaceable.

Out of all of the events that you have performed at, which one has been the best one thus far?

Saint Vick: WOW! There have been so many great events and many events we do (especially Keep Rising Outreach Productions) that are benefits for organizations and for saving lives. All the comedy events we have done to raise money for people to have surgery and help save lives to cover their bills has ultimately been the best for me in my book. It brings my heart so much joy to do this. Actually my mother is up for a kidney transplant next year and we are planning to do the same thing for her in my home town of Greenville S.C. next year in March of 2014. I so love this! This is a calling straight from God!

Besides trying to make people laugh, what else the hardest part about being a comedian?

Saint Vick: One of the hardest things about being a comedian is people think you are suppose to crack jokes and make them laugh all the time even off stage. Sometimes people forget that is an “ACT” and yes we are funny off stage sometimes but we are regular people too. Actually the comedy part is just 10% of our lives. It’s more serious than what some people think but we have to be that way still even if we don’t want to just so we can keep our support base of people. If I’m worshipping God at church people will look at me like “You’re not praising HIM for real, you’re a comedian” Duuuuuh, I am? Thanks for telling me. Entertainers are no different than the regular people. Now I understand why some superstars and some celebrities can’t go to a small church. (nothing against them, but too many people are in their face when they are trying to be serious and have their “God moment”).

If there is anything that you would want to tell up-and-coming comedians, what would you tell them?

Saint Vick: I want all up and coming comedians to stay faithful to themselves and the comedy game and be original. Too many comedians steal other comedian’s material and use it instead of writing their own material and being original. This hurt other comedians who work hard at writing late night hours and go to a venue to do a funny routine all to just hear crickets outside because the audience isn’t laughing because they heard the same joke a week before from another artist that decided to use your material instead of write their own. That urks me! Once a joke has been heard u can’t keep repeating it over and over to the same crowd because it isn’t funny anymore. (That’s why singers have it sooo much better than us. lol) They can sing the same song over and over to a crowd who already heard it 50x’s in the same week on the radio and never get tired and listen to it as if it was their first time…

Explain the worst experience you’ve had in your career.

Saint Vick: Actually one of the worst experiences I’ve had in my career was very very recently. A comedian friend and myself was booked to do a co-ed baby shower for for this married couple and their friends. It was at a venue for all adults (or atleast that’s what we were told). When we got there it looked like disney on ice. Their were kids running around (under the age of seven all over the place). They were yelling, hollering, playing, kicking each other and screaming and we had to do comedy in the midst of all that….I was like for real? It was Be Be kids “the movie” all over again. You live and learn and I know some environments aren’t meant for comedy. We live and we learn……I’ll prob never do one again and if I do, it will be under strict guidelines……..leave yo snot running, nappy headed, spongebob square pants wearing, cheeto crumbs around the mouth children at home with a supervised babysitter…… #thatisallIwillsayaboutthat

What does the future holds for St. Vick? Any future projects that you want us to know about?

Saint Vick: In the future I am definitely looking to do more television and film. It has been a loooong time coming and this is where my next drive is gearing. Within the next year, people will definitely see me doing more of this so just keep watching, ya’ll gonna see me on “The Five Heartbeats Part II” The return of Eddie Cane III………….Selah

If you want to learn more about Saint Vick and all of his endeavors, visit his website @ Take a look at the pictures below that I was lucky enough to capture while at The Spirit of Laughter show:
Comedian Degario "Double D" Turner

Comedian Degario “Double D” Turner

Pic 9

Comedian Marvin Hunter

Pic 5

Comedian Willie Brown

Pic 6

The beautiful models that escorted the comedians on stage.

Pic 7

Saint Vick’s business partner, Maxine McDaniels

Miscellaneous pics from the show:

Pic 4

Pic 8

Pic 3

Pic 11

Good day, people.


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson


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