Diamond of the Week (12/13/2013)


The Diamond of the Week award goes to:


Beyoncé is a prime example of a gangsta. While millions of people were in their bed late at night, sleeping, snoring, and farting, Beyoncé released a spankin’ new album that NO ONE knew about. Usually when a singer, rapper, author, etc., is working on a new project, they inform the masses and market their project as much as possible so that people will know about their product and buy it.

But not Ms. Beyoncé. Today, girlfriend released her visual new album on iTunes and didn’t make an announcement about it to the public via the web, email, cell phone, fax, newspaper, bullhorn, telegram, mailman, a pigeon, or thru your neighbor down the street. Most of us found out about the album thru word of mouth and in just a few minutes, songs from her new album was being played on the radio and some have already downloaded a few of the tracks on YouTube. My favorite track thus far is Blow and a track called Super Power, featuring Frank Ocean.

Now that this new album has been released, one thing came to my mind as I was listening to it: Beyoncé cannot be duplicated. Surprising everyone with the release of a new album without marketing it was a genius move that no one else would be able to successfully execute. And why? Because Beyoncé was the first one to do it successfully and so therefore, her stamp is all over this creative idea. Who else do you know would be able to drop an album without anyone knowing about it and it be pleasantly received from the public so quickly? Can you tell me? (Dead silence and crickets). If any other singer try to do a gangsta move like this, everyone is gonna say, “Oh, she’s trying to do the same thing that Beyoncé did. Honey, please.”

One of the keys to success is KNOWING that you can do whatever you put your mind to and Beyoncé has succeeded at everything because she knows that she can. To those of you who may or may not like the new album, you have to admit that knowing that she was handling business while many were asleep in their beds, will make you wanna push yourself further to do things in your career that you’ve never done before. You will feel like you need to put on your red cape and be a superwoman in your own life and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Or maybe that’s just me.


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

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