Respect the Struggle

There’s definitely something that I have learned over the years: When you’re working to pursue your dreams, sometimes you have to learn how to survive on just Ramen noodles and bologna sandwiches because you have to use money to invest into your career. And if you don’t have a career that you’re striving to have or goals that you’re trying to meet, I suggest that you get on the ‘good foot’ and start moving forward with your life before you get left behind in the cold.

Let me be real: You can sit around and think that you’ll be just fine with having your regular 9-to-5 job but unless you own the place that you’re working at, you’re capable of getting a pink slip just like everyone else. Always be on your feet, thinking of ways that you can better your life on your own terms because as long as you’re working for someone else, you’ll always be under their mercy.

By all means, if you have a job, I’m not telling you to quit your job. I understand that you have bills to pay. But what I am saying to you is that your job is not guaranteed to you. Take it from me; some of these employers out here don’t give a damn about you or the fact that you have bills to pay. If they want to let you go, they will let you go and not care about what happens to you, mainly because they don’t think that the same thing can happen to them…but of course, it can.

So all I’m saying to you is that the time is NOW to get things in order so that you can have the best life that you’ve always wanted. Don’t put your dream on hold until next week, next month, or next year. Buy you a notebook and start planning for your best future NOW. You just never know what can happen as long as you pray hard and put forth the effort to make your dreams come true. Maintain your focus and know that God has your back and He will see to it that your dreams come to past. If you don’t believe anything else I say, believe this: When God sees that you’re putting forth effort to live your dream, He will set things in place for you to make it happen. He’s not gonna let you down when He sees that you’re trying. I had to learn that myself.

Don’t get me wrong; you’re gonna experience some turbulence when you’re working towards your goals. You didn’t honestly think that it was gonna be easy, did you? But keep this in mind; the trouble that comes your way is designed to knock you off your focus and make you forget about what you’re shooting for. That’s when depression comes into play and we all know that depression leads to you being unproductive and sleeping all day. Don’t go there.  I, myself, had to learn that certain family members will act very funny when you’re going thru a troubling time. I hate asking anybody for help and so when I had to swallow my pride and ask a certain relative for money because I needed some help, it broke my spirit to pieces when I was treated as if I was underneath their feet. Although I’ve never borrowed money from this individual before, they made it clear that they really didn’t want to help me at all. And it was at that moment when I realized that I needed to stay focus on what I wanted in life so that I wouldn’t be at the mercy of others and most importantly, I learned that all I have is God. You can best believe that I will never ask this individual for anything else…not even a glass of water.

Push your way thru and use your stumbling blocks as steps to get to where you’re going.  This means that you’re also gonna have to sacrifice a few things for a while. For example, I love Michael Kors just like most women. From the purses to the wallets, I love it all. But at this point in my life, I don’t care about any of that. I rather take the same money that I would’ve used on buying a designer purse and use it towards getting my career started in the right direction. I’m working on being much more responsible with my time and money so that I can have a much better future for myself. That’s more important to me than any purse.


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.


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