Mr. Man (a poem)

A couple of years ago, I wrote this poem called Mr. Man. On open-mic night, I went to this major poetry spot in downtown Atlanta called Apache Café and decided to read it aloud. I was pleasantly surprised because I received a standing ovation PLUS some free drinks from a couple of dudes. HA! So I thought that I’ll just share the poem with you guys. Let me know what you think:

Hey, Mr. Man

Can I have a word with you?

Or possibly an autograph

See, I’ve never been this close to goodness before

It’s no wonder why others try to imitate you

I believe that respect is due

For the strength in you

I know that sometimes you feel like giving up

Throwing in the towel

Throwing up your hands

Calling it quits

Saying, “Fuck it!”

And your ungrateful woman

Yes, I said ungrateful woman

The woman that doesn’t smile at the sound of your voice

Or shiver at the stroke of your fingertips

Or wipe your tears when your soul gets weary

Or applaud you for your determination

It’s a slap in the face

A punch to the chest

A kick in the balls

A slice to the throat

An insult to your pride

Ms. Thang

I just can’t understand

Your master plan

Reading books on how to change a man

Confiding in psychics

Talk shows

Your nosy mama

Your drunk uncle

Your gay sister

And your lonely friends

Don’t you see

That communication is the key

Sit and chat with your man

If there’s a problem at hand

Or maybe, Ms. Girly, the problem is you

Maybe he’s just sick and tired of you

Because you have some issues too

And you wonder why he’s cheating on you

Talking dirty about him to your friends

That shit needs to end

Taking out his spine and playing jump-rope with it

You think he needs help

But take a look at yourself

Ms. Independent

Ms. I’m-always-right

Ms. Oh-he’s-just-a-friend

Ms. Coming-home-in-the-middle-of-the-night

But you get mad and complain

When he acts the same

And you wanna point the blame

Understand that a man wants a woman that he can treasure

That will bring him not only physical, but mental pleasure

A woman that will rub his back

So cut him some slack

And get with the program

Before you be on the outside looking in

And you see your man laid up with your friend

Break out the champagne, candlelight, the leather whip, and strawberries

And celebrate the love in your man

The hard work in your man

The sensitivity in your man

The intelligence in your man

That’s the man with the master plan


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson


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