Leave. Drake. Alone.

So as I was driving down Pleasant Hill Road earlier today, I was listening to the radio and a radio personality (I forgot her name) announced that Drake has a partnership with Jordan for his shoes, OVO Stingrays. Before I even had a chance to smile at the thought of another brotha doing well for himself, another radio personality decided to chime in and say, “His deal ain’t like Kanye’s, though” as make it clear that Kanye’s deal was better.

Let me be real: It doesn’t matter if Kanye West’s deal is better or not. I’m actually very happy that things worked out for Kanye and he was able to get his shoe deal. But if Drake has established a shoe deal as well, at least take a moment to congratulate him and not sh*t on what he has by comparing him to someone else. I get sooo sick and tired of people always trying to find a dark cloud in the midst of a brotha’s victory. This is the very main reason why I penned the blog post appropriately titled, Brotha, I Have A Question. The fact that this radio personality even insinuated that Kanye’s deal was better than Drake’s deal, it made the radio personality look like that ol’ dude in high school that was always instigating mess to get a fight started. 

When he made that comment, I immediately said to myself, “Well, ‘Mr. Radio Personality’, Drake may not have the same shoe deal that Kanye has but do YOU have a shoe deal at all??? Can YOU even get a deal with Charmin’s toilet paper??? Can YOU even get a deal with generic ramen noodles??? If the answers to all these questions is ‘no’, then chill out and GET INSPIRED by what Drake has accomplished at his young age and stop throwing shade.

And for the record, if Drake wants to be the type of rapper that raps about love and blah, blah, blah, LET HIM BE. He doesn’t need to be the type of rapper that comes busting outta the gate, swinging guns around and talking about poppin’ a slug into somebody. For him, this image wouldn’t work at all and we all know this. In other words, there’s nothing corny about him wanting to create music that’s kinda different from his peers.

And no, he doesn’t need to respond to Kendrick Lamar’s disses, no matter how many times he’s pushed into doing so. Kendrick and Drake have two totally different rap styles and although I absolutely love them both, they don’t need to go into a “diss war” with each other. Things can get ugly and considering the fact that words are powerful, things might get said that can cause long-term scars between these two amazing Black men. Did we forget about the whole ordeal with Biggie and Tupac?

If we all were the same and done things the same way, the world would be boring, food would be boring, books would be boring, sex would be boring, etc. Not to sound like an after-school special, but we are all made to be different and do what works for us. For example, sometimes I curse and use slang  on website when I write about a topic versus other writers who may not use my method of writing at all. And that’s okay because we’re not supposed to be like everyone else. Although I have a college degree and know how to speak proper English, my method of writing on my website is just me being in my comfort zone, as if I’m chillin’ in the house with my best friend and we’re talking about life events. Using slang and curse words doesn’t mean that I’m ignorant or stupid. However, I enjoy reading the blog post of one that uses correct English and no curse words because as long as I enjoy the topic of what someone is writing about, it doesn’t make a difference to me how they present the message.

So the bottom line is this: It’s okay for Drake to be himself. It’s okay for Drake to receive the shoe deal that he received. Drake is not supposed to be like Kanye. Drake is not supposed to have what Kanye has. Drake is not supposed to be like Kendrick Lamar. And why? Because DRAKE is DRAKE. He’s supposed to be who he is and so far, it has been working for him just fine. So if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.


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