Diamond of the Week (11/29/2013)

The Diamond of the Week award goes to:

Sway Calloway

For those who may not know who Sway Calloway is, he’s a reporter, an executive producer for MTV News, and the co-host for the Wake Up Show. He has much respect amongst his peers and the Black community because he states the facts and gets down to the bottom of the issue instead of beating around the bush.

Well, just a few days ago, he interviewed the infamous Kanye West. Around seventeen minutes into the interview, Sway damn near got his head chewed off by Mr. West whom was acting like a raging lunatic when Calloway asked him a simple, NON OFFENSIVE, question. It was absolutely ridiculous how West was losing his mind and he couldn’t understand that Sway was just trying to talk to him as a friend to basically understand his frustration.

So I honor Sway Calloway with the Diamond of the Week award because although Sway showed obvious signs that he was starting to get upset (and rightfully so), he still stayed in his seat and continued with the interview and got thru it without losing his cool. Not many of us can say that we would’ve been able to keep our composure if we have someone going damn near postal on us. But then again, maybe Calloway was able to take it because he knows West very well.  At either rate, kudos to you Mr. Sway Calloway, for getting thru the interview.

For those of you who haven’t heard Sway’s interview with Kanye West, click on the video below. Caution: You may wanna turn the volume down when Kanye West loses his cool. I’m just sayin’.


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