Preachers of LA: Unforgiveness

So last night, I was tuned into yet another episode of Preachers of LA. To be honest with you, I kinda understoond why Deitrick Haddon decided to marry his new wife, Dominique, without telling his family a thing. In this episode, I actually found myself feeling kinda bad (just a lil’) for Deitrick and I’m starting to understand why he’s trying so hard to rebuild his image. From what I saw on the show, his father seems to wanna throw Deitrick’s past in his face, not pointing out the good that Deitrick is trying to do RIGHT NOW.

Okay so we all know the story; Deitrick Haddon conceived a child outta wedlock while he was still married to his first wife. We all know that the news came with some uncool points and blah, blah, blah. But the man has the right to move on with his life and learn from the mistakes that he’s made. We ALL have that same right. No one should ever be allowed in our space to tear us down when we’re trying to get back on track.

So of course, I was a lil’ upset when Deitrick’s parents decided to pay him a visit and while they were all having dinner, Deitrick’s father was treating him as if his son needed to be condemned for the sins that he committed. While at the dinner table, his father was saying things like “You have fallen” and when Deitrick tried to speak, his father interrupted him by saying, “I’m the Bishop” as if to say that his word was the final answer. Even Dominique was rather offended by how Deitrick’s father (or should I say ‘The Bishop’) was treating him.

The phrase “I’m the Bishop” completely rubbed me the wrong way because when someone has “fallen”, they don’t need to be reminded of your title. Furthermore, being a Bishop doesn’t mean that you are equal to God. Regardless of your title, you are still an imperfect human being who is subject to fall just like everybody else. And if someone has fallen short of the glory of God (especially if it’s your own child) they don’t need to keep being reminded of their wrongdoing. Instead, learn to love them past their mess, talk to them out of love, and encourage them to do better. If you tear people down and make them feel ashamed of what they did and CONTINUE to remind them of what they did, they might get angry, they might start to feel like a failure, they might go back to their wrongful ways, and God doesn’t get any glory out of any of it. So therefore, nothing gets solved.

I get so tired of Bishops, Pastors, Deacons, Elders, Ministers, Reverends, etc., acting as if they’ve never messed up before. They forget that they have committed at least one sin, EVEN AFTER THEY WERE CALLED TO PREACH. But the awesome thing about God is that He continues to bless people, even when they make mistakes. Don’t believe me? Open the Bible and read it for yourself about how many times God has given blessings, grace, and mercy to people who were clearly a hot mess. So I definitely understood where Dominique was coming from when she felt that Deitrick’s father was being judgmental. He may be a Bishop but he’s not God Almighty. His job is to preach, not judge. And I don’t have to be a Bishop in order to know that.

Let me be real: The only difference between Deitrick’s sins and the sins of others is that Deitrick’s sins were exposed PUBLICLY. I totally understand that Bishops, Pastors, etc., are supposed to teach the Word of God and speak truthfully. Yes, they are supposed to come to you in love and get on your case when you’ve done wrong. However, beating a dead horse into the ground is not helping the situation. The deed is done and Deitrick’s baby is here. Get over it.

In other words, Deitrick doesn’t need to be reminded that he’s fallen because he already knows that. It can be a hurtful situation when a person is trying to move on past their mistakes and the closest people to you are still living in your past and wants to remind you about it. How sad it is to know that God is the ONLY one that will forgive people and not continue to remind them of their wrongdoing because immortal human beings on earth have yet to master that concept. We must not forget that before we became all of these titles that we want people to recognize us by, the only title that we had was the title, HUMAN.


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