Go Xaviera and Karla!

Greetings All!

100_3370(Xaviera Bryant is on the left and Karla Brown is on the right. Big girl in the center is me. #lowcarbdietondeck4me)

As I’ve stated many times before, I am a firm believer in supporting my Black people that are doing big things in life. Too many times, we are depicted as unruly animals with no home training and it makes me cringe with disgust. But that is not the case with my two NEW friends Xaviera Bryant and Karla Brown (yes, I know Drake said “No New Friends” but whatever). Anyway, they are the owners of the wonderful entertainment blog and radio show, Ice Cream Conversations. When I met these two ladies, I came across an invite to their 3rd anniversary party for the success of their blog and radio show. Prior to me going to their party, I checked out their blog and I thought that it was fantastic and unique, mixing entertainment news with class and a touch of humor.

I hate to admit it but I must say that I was very surprised at how sweet and welcoming Xaviera and Karla were. In Atlanta, it’s very hard to meet people that are not snobs. (Sorry if I sound too honest). If you live in Atlanta, you totally understand what I mean by that comment. Both of these women are the most humble and fascinating individuals that I’ve ever met and their warm spirit is very welcoming. Not only do they have one of the HOTTEST entertainment blog and radio shows out there with over 100,000 radio listeners, they are known for making their celebrity guests feel right at home when they’re interviewing them.

Let me tell you something else that’s quite interesting about these two women: We all know that it cost a pretty penny to be able to get a radio station to promote your music on the radio. We’re talkin’ thousands of dollars to promote your work. Marketing is not cheap whether you’re a singer, rapper, writer, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. But with Ice Cream Conversations blog website, they allow music artists to be able to promote their music on the blog for a VERY reasonable fee. So for those of you who are underground, undiscovered, and/or unsigned artists, this is a very big deal and you may wanna jump onto this opportunity.

Simply put, Ice Cream Conversations is movin’ on up like The Jeffersons when it comes to delivering the latest news on your favorite celebrities with more surprises in store. They are definitely on the map!

For the LATEST news in entertainment, check them out at http://www.icecreamconvos.com


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