Kevin Hart is WINNING!

I think that I need to rub Kevin Hart’s arm for good luck because he is definitely taking over in the field of comedy and he shows no signs of slowing down. As I was walking inside the movie theater this past weekend to see The Best Man Holiday, I already knew that I was gonna have to sit thru a string of previews before the actual movie started. But I’m glad that I did because there had to be at least THREE movies that starred Kevin Hart. Just in case you didn’t get the memo, let me inform you: KEVIN HART HAS STAR POWER.

Hart has proven that not only can he create humor thru his own pain but he is an extremely smart business man. Let me be real: We all know that the world of entertainment is extremely fickle and just because you’re well loved on Monday doesn’t mean that you’ll be well loved on Tuesday. Hollywood is always looking for the next big thing and there is always someone who is just as remarkable, waiting for their moment to shine. So when you’re hot, it will be in your best interest to strike while the iron is hot and snatch up every opportunity that you are blessed with.

Build your brand so that you won’t have to worry about income later on in life. If you don’t build up your brand and choose to play around, you can best believe that you’ll be back to where you started; performing small gigs in a smoke-filled club with less than thirty patrons. And no, I’m not disrespecting anyone that has to perform in small clubs. Believe me, I totally respect the hustle. But what I’m saying is that once you become an A-list celebrity, you definitely don’t wanna go back to the days when you were a struggling performer.

So that’s why I respect the fact that Kevin hart is hustlin’ hard and making some serious moves in Hollywood. He’s not letting any opportunities slip thru his fingers and he’s continuing to remain humble in the process. He’s diligent, relevant and most of all, FUNNY. At this rate, he’ll soon be able to pave the way for comedians of the next generation.


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Here are the three trailers of the NEW movies starring Kevin Hart:

Grudge Match

About Last Night

Ride Along



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