Diamond of the Week (11/15/2013)


The Diamond of the Week award goes to:

Toni Braxton

I thank God that Toni Braxton made the decision to not quit making music because her new song, ‘Hurt You’ featuring Babyface is freakin’ awesome. Toni and Babyface make awesome music that goes well together like collard greens and macaroni & cheese. Had she decided to go ahead and quit making music, this wonderful song wouldn’t have even existed…and I wouldn’t be jammin’ to it in my adult onesie, singing Toni Braxton’s part in the bathroom mirror (Don’t judge me).

When Toni was considering the idea of quitting music because she basically didn’t have the desire to do it anymore, I thought that she had completely lost her mind. I don’t know if maybe she felt like she didn’t have “it” anymore or that she was discouraged because of all of the competition that’s out there. But no matter how many bubble gum entertainers are on the scene, TONI BRAXTON IS TONI BRAXTON.

Her sound is a unique one that can’t be compared to anyone else. The minute that you hear her voice on the radio, you know that it’s her voice. You don’t have to sit and wonder if it’s her, unlike some of the female entertainers who are starting to sound and look the same. Like I said before, gimmicks don’t last long so therefore, I’m glad that Braxton stayed true to herself and she realized just how amazing and needed she is in the world of entertainment. And last but not least, am I the only one who thinks that her new haircut in the video is slammin’? When I saw it, I actually thought about getting my own hair cut.


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