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In all honesty, I absolutely love the fact that there is a driven Black woman who is making a name for herself in the entertainment world. No, she’s not an entertainer but she is the brains behind such television shows like Love & Hip Hop that airs on channel VH1. There are two versions of the show: Love & Hip Hop of Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop of New York. Every once in a while when I had spare time, I used to tune into Love & Hip Hop of Atlanta for giggles (especially if I was watching with my sisters because I loved their comical commentary) but I absolutely refuse to watch Love & Hip Hop of New York after I saw the Chrissy and Kimbella brawl.
But something happened with me: I quickly started to see that the older I got, the less that I started to tune into the show. I didn’t care about who was sleeping with who or who didn’t like who. My taste started to change dramatically and I became more interested in things that had nothing to do with slaps, punches, and weave-pulling. Although Mona is a very successful and smart business woman with a vast amount of power in the world of television, I found myself not being interested in Love & Hip Hop anymore. Of course, many of us love to stay tuned into a show that’s either full of drama or extremely uplifting. And if we was to really be honest with ourselves, we all love to watch some drama unfold on TV. But sometimes, enough is enough.
The violence that is being exposed on this show has been raising some eyebrows and putting Mona Scott-Young in the public eye as a bad influence on the Black community. To be honest, I don’t think that she’s a bad influence on the Black community. She’s not responsible for those that CHOOSE to watch her show and she’s not responsible for the actions of those that are on her show. However, I will say that since she’s the one that is allowing for certain things to be exposed on national TV, she’s partly responsible for the outcome. But to say that she’s a bad influence is highly unfair, especially if we’re not willing to take responsibility for our own actions.
For example, if you have been one of those individuals that has taken your cell phone and recorded a fight between a couple of young men and women and then decided to upload the mess onto the internet for the whole world to see, then you are just as much of a bad influence as anyone else.
We all need to do better. And honestly, I have no problem including myself in that equation. I don’t fight but I will admit that there have been a few times when I have viewed a fight video that was made public and I forwarded it to someone else. I realized that my action contributed to the destructive behavior of the Black community that we have yet to eliminate.
We can’t say that the state of the youth is completely messed up whereas we as adults are the ones that are not giving the youth better examples on how to live this thing called life. Stop saying that the youth is in trouble when it’s actually the ADULTS that are in trouble because we are the reason that the youth is in trouble in the first place. Whether you believe it or not, the youth will follow the actions of the adults and their actions will eventually become a replica of what they’ve learned from us. So if we’re not willing to do better in how we respond to conflict, don’t expect the youth to be willing to do better. We need to care more.
I’m not saying that we need to be perfect in order to reach the youth. We as adults will never be perfect. Unfortunately, there’s gonna be times in our lives when we don’t have no other choice but to kick a lil’ ass. But if you actually HAVE A CHOICE, make the right one. Too many of our beautiful Black children are losing their lives everyday to nonsense and it’s mainly because we keep letting the mess slide, our stupid behavior keeps getting exploited,  and we ignore what’s really going on. You can pray for the youth all you want to but we must put forth some serious action on top of it to change some things around. Stop being a cheerleader when it comes to people kicking each other’s asses and start a trend where the youth will see how cool it is to act like you have some sense. If we start making better choices on how we deal with people AND THAT BECOMES A TREND, maybe Mona Scott-Young will be willing to create a show that caters to that.
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