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Back in 1997 when I was about nineteen-years old, I entered into a poetry contest to see if I would get noticed. Although I didn’t win first prize, my poem was still published by the company in an anthology titled, Dimensions of Thought. It was my very first published piece of work and honestly, that meant more to me than winning the grand prize. After the poem was published, I remember that I sent a copy of the poem to the Coca Cola company to see if I they would take my poem and turn it into a commercial. (Ha! Boy, was I young). Although they rejected my idea, they did mail me a few coupons for Coke, even though the poem was about Pepsi. HA! Back then, I thought that the Coca Cola company owned Pepsi. Silly me. 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to share my silly lil’ poem with you along with my rejection letter from the Coca Cola corporation. Click on each picture to view it clearly. I have to say that the experience was very nice.


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