Meeting Carl Weber

This is a prime example that anything can happen…especially if you’re at the right place at the right time. For those that don’t know, Carl Weber is a major best-selling author of several books including, The Family Business. Back in August, I met him at the National Book Club Conference here in Atlanta. If you are an accomplished author or an aspiring one, going to the National Book Club Conference is a MAJOR thing. You get tons of connections, you get to sell your own book, meet best-selling authors, and network your tail off.

Let me tell you about my encounter with Carl Weber: Not only is he very down to earth but he is absolutely hilarious!!! He was holding a “meet and greet” in one particular room at the conference and so when I met him, there were TONS of people in the room and there was absolutely no seats left. So I decided that I would sit in the front, on the floor. Then all of a sudden, he said to me, “Could you stand up for a second?” With a lil’ hesitation, I stood up and walked over to him. I had absolutely no idea what he was about to do.

He then had me stand up in front of the entire room and he put his arm around me and said in front of everyone, “Wow! You are so beautiful! You make me wanna put you on the cover of one of my books as a thick pretty girl!” And then he asked the audience,  “Isn’t she beautiful?” Everyone said yes and started taking pictures of him and I. Of course, I was blushing the whole time and then he gave me a free book and everyone went crazy!!! Then I was offered a seat in the front row. This motivated me even more to go after my dreams…and I want you to do the same for yourself. Don’t be afraid. Like Nike say, “Just Do It.”


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

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