Girl, Please

Now of course, my Black sistas are known to be strong, beautiful, blah, blah, blah. But every now and then, you’ll come across a couple of idiots that will make you come outta your element. With that being said, let me just put it plainly to those insecure, dangerously jealous, dirty heffas: NOT EVERY WOMAN WANTS YOUR MAN!!! If he is truly yours and you know this for a fact, then there’s no need to have a stroke just because a female is breathing the same air that he breathes. A jealous woman will lose her cool and punch out a female just because the female was standing next to him in line at Popeyes. Poor girl can’t even get her grub on because you’ve hit her with a two-piece and busted out her fronts.

A jealous woman will go as far as to plant a foot in the ass of a female Wal-Mart greeter, simply because she said to her man, “Hello. Thank you for coming to Wal-Mart.” Newsflash: THAT’S HER JOB! She gets paid to talk to EVERYONE…including your man. Yes, I know that plenty of women have fallen for the whole myth that there’s not a lot of men to go around. (Yeah, right). And so now you have women snatching up any man that they can find like it’s Black Friday. The problem with that is that you have a lot of women, settling. They become so afraid that they will never have the man that they truly deserve and desire so they settle for the generic brand of a man.
Yes, I know that there are some women out there who make it a career to steal someone’s man and yes it’s very disrespectful and yes they will catch karma like a bad cold. But I must say that the majority of “man stealers” usually go after men that are worth stealing. In other words, don’t nobody want Pookie with his dirty, stankin’, no-job-havin’ ass. I hate to see females walking around confused and bewildered so here’s a list to help you figure out if your man is the generic brand that NO WOMAN WANTS:
1. He doesn’t bother to have a relationship with God.
2. He has enough babymamas to start a corporation.
3. The only one paying the bills in the house is YOU.
4. He beats the hell outta you like you stole from Jesus.
5. He won’t try to clean up his debt/credit.
6. He doesn’t protect you.
7. He doesn’t respect you.
8. The highlight of his day is getting high and drinking Hennessy like it’s water.
Of course, some women may say, “Well, I rather have a piece of a man than to have no man at all.” Humph. That’s like going to buy a bag of chips and when you open the bag, ain’t nothing in it but crumbs. If all you want is crumbs, more power to you. In that case, don’t be expecting better from Mr.Man. That’s like looking for brand name clothes at the Family Dollar.
What’s even worse is when a woman knows full well that she got an “ain’t sh*t” man but decides to be with him anyway because she thinks that she can “change” him or feel like she can “clean him up” like he’s some puppy that she rescued from the pound. If he truly is trying to get his stuff together then by all means, be very supportive of that. But if he don’t give a damn, why should you?
And lastly, Jay-Z and Beyonce’ are Jay-Z and Beyonce’. I get so sick and tired of women talking about they want the same relationship that Jay-Z and Beyonce’ has. I’m pretty sure that they are a happily married but if you’re not sleeping in their bed, then you don’t know what’s going on in the privacy of their home. For all we know, Beyonce’ may be laying the pimp-hand down on Mr. Shawn Carter (Just kidding around y’all). I seriously doubt that anything like that is going on in their marriage and yes they do look very happy together. But my point is that you should never want what someone else has, based on what you see on the outside. Be with someone that was designed solely for you and be confident in that relationship.
Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson
***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.

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