Family Foolishness


Do you know what’s the cool part about family reunions? The part when you meet certain relatives that you didn’t even know existed. Such was the case when I met my cousin, Terry, at my family reunion about six years ago. He was so cool and I was able to relate to him a lil’ better than some of my female relatives. And to this day, we are still cool. That day when I met him, we hung out with three other cousins at a venue and we all had a ball. It was like we formed a ‘Cousin Crew’ and it really made the reunion worthwhile. But…not everybody is so lucky.

There are tons of people that attend their family reunions and the family reunion turns into a ‘Family Fight Fest’. One of the reasons is because there are old wounds that have yet to heal. Sometimes, when two or more relatives have an issue with each other, they’ll show up to the family reunion with ass whoopin’ on their minds. Of course, it’s not right but it does happen. We all know that the purpose of the family reunion is for the family to UNITE; fellowship with relatives that we haven’t seen in ages, meet new relatives, eat lots of food, talk about the good ol’ days, and pay homage to our ancestors.

But let’s be real; Keisha and Tosha are not thinking about showing each other some love. And why? Well five years ago, Keisha heard thru the grapevine that her sister Tosha slept with her boyfriend while Keisha was away at college. Tosha denied it several times. But one day, Keisha came home unexpectedly from college and caught her boyfriend and sister slappin’ skin like porn stars.

Since that day, Keisha and Tosha’s relationship has been severed and they don’t deal with each other at all. People in the family have urged them to make amends but Keisha finds it hard to do so every time she lay her eyes on lil’ Donte’, whom is Tosha’s son by Keisha’s ex-boyfriend. The last time that Keisha and Tosha had an exchange of words, Tosha was butt-naked trying to defend herself from the blows that Keisha was laying on her while Keisha’s boyfriend ran outta the house, holding his pants in his hand.

So the day of the family reunion comes around and everyone is having a great time. But the minute that Keisha and Tosha shows up, the tension in the room becomes so thick that it’s hard to ignore. They don’t say anything to each other and everyone notices it. The relatives are kinda quiet as if they’re sitting in court, waiting on a verdict. But after a few minutes, nothing gets outta hand and so everyone thinks that there won’t be any problems at the gathering after all.

That is, until…

Keisha and Tosha walks up to the food table where Auntie Lucy Mae laid out her infamous macaroni and cheese. When Keisha and Tosha both reach for the serving spoon, all hell breaks loose. Keisha snatches the spoon away from Tosha and hits her straight in the forehead with it. In the blink of an eye, tables are turned over and Keisha and Tosha are rolling around on the floor. They both are pulling each other’s hair out and cousin Terrence is recording the whole thing with his iPhone.

Finally, someone breaks up the fight and separate the two women but the damage is already done. The food is all scattered all over the damn floor which really pisses off Uncle Pete because he busted his tail grilling up all those racks of ribs. The kids are crying because of what they’ve just witnessed and the elders in the family are shaking their heads in disbelief. And you can best believe that the ol’ fat hens in the family are gonna get on the phone with each other and talk about this mess for days.

If you are one of those individuals that have fought at a family reunion or you’re thinking about kicking so-and-so’s ass when you see them at the gathering, take heed to three words: LET. IT. GO. Yes, I know that it can be hard sometimes to let a situation go and forgive the person that has wronged you when all you really wanna do is claw their eyes out. Especially when it’s a family member that has hurt you.

But believe me, it’s really not worth holding on to it. It takes a lot of energy to stay mad versus being happy. If you were told that today will be your last day on earth, don’t spend it being mad at the fool who did you wrong. Some people stay mad for years and years, letting something eat away at them while the other person is sleeping good at night. Spend your time wisely on the things that give you joy and peace. Holding grudges will hold your blessings. Can you honestly say that the person that wronged you is worth all of that? Honey, please.  In other words, forgive, live your life, and move on. Believe me, the person that has wronged you, will have their day with karma.


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

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