A Letter to the Lost

Sometimes, I do use the term, ‘b*tch’. I know that some of you may think that I’m talking about women in general but nothing can be further from the truth. I’m talking about b*tches. Contrary to popular belief, there is a major difference between a b*tch and a woman. That may be the reason why I don’t get too easily offended when men call other females that word because that term doesn’t describe me at all. I know who I am as a woman. So there’s no need for me to feel offended.

The definition of a woman is someone who has a sense class like Michelle Obama, displays her creative side like Jill Scott, always have something profound to say like Maya Angelou, has a business mind like Oprah Winfrey, a great sense of humor like Monique, strikingly beautiful like Beyonce’, pours out tasteful sex appeal like Eartha Kitt, with just a touch of kick-your-ass-if-I-need-to like Laila Ali.

If you put all of these ingredients into a melting pot, you will create the type of woman that most men desire to have. Understand one thing: B*tches are to be played with; not to be cherished. That’s like putting a bottle of cheap-ass Arbor Mist in the same wine cellar as an expensive bottle of red wine that you’ve bought from France. B*tches are the type of females that NOBODY takes seriously because they don’t even take THEMSELVES seriously. So if you carry yourself like a b*tch and you’re constantly involved in ‘b*tch activities’, expect to hear that word quite often when someone describes you.

Now if you love being a b*tch and that’s how you thrive in life, then by all means, go ahead and do that. But for those of you who have fallen into that category and you don’t know why, pay attention to what I’m getting ready to throw at you in this conversation that I’m having with you. Please understand that it’s never too late to make a change. In other words, I’m here to help you get out of the ‘b*tch hole’ that you’re in. And why? Because I believe that one b*tch saved, is a woman discovered. So let me help you understand some things:

Time and time again, I have seen b*tches all over the internet disrespecting themselves and looking about as cheap as synthetic hair. I have seen b*tches in rare form to the point where I start questioning if they were raised by roaches. If I’m not seeing b*tches fist-fighting on the internet like savages, I’m seeing b*tches getting nasty-nude and taking pictures in the bathroom. For the record, SHOWING YOUR STRETCH-MARKED BEHIND IN PHOTOS THAT YOU TOOK IN A BATHROOM IS NOT CONSIDERED MODELING!!! IN FACT, NONE OF THEM HOMEMADE PICTURES THAT YOU TOOK WITH YOUR PHONE IS CONSIDERED MODELING!!! IN FACT, NONE OF THEM CHEAP PICTURES THAT YOU LET AN UNPROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER TAKE OF YOU, IS CONSIDERED MODELING!!!

Ask yourself a question, b*tches: Did you ever see PROFESSIONAL MODELS like Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Beverly Johnson and Naomi Campbell taking sleazy pictures like this? Oh yeah, they may have taken a nude photo but you can best believe that it was definitely in good taste. But have you ever heard of any major fashion designer wanting to have any slutty b*tches modeling his clothes in a Vogue magazine? Absolutely not.

And if you’re taking pictures like this because you believe that it will help you attract a man, I must tell you that you are absolutely right. But here’s the kicker: you won’t attract the RIGHT man. In fact, the end result of your disgusting behavior may lead to you contracting STD’s in abundance, seven kids by seven different dudes, a broken heart, and a ruined reputation. But hey, what do you expect when you take naked pictures with a toilet in the room?

Showing ass and ta-tas doesn’t constitute being sexy. Honestly, when you show your ass and ta-tas, all the world see is your ass and ta-tas. More than likely, nobody is saying, “Hmmm. Here’s a remarkable woman that acts like she graduated from Yale and comes from a good upbringing.” And if ass and ta-tas is all that you want to put into the atmosphere, then you’re gonna attract the Let’s-F*ck dudes.

The Let’s-F*ck dudes are the ones that take you out to AppleBee’s on that two-for-twenty special and expects some p*ssy afterwards. Don’t value your self-worth with a plate of Cajun shrimp and pasta. (Yes, I know that you don’t necessarily have to be a b*tch in order to attract the Let’s-F*ck dude). But I’m pretty sure that you understand my point. If you think that you’re worth more than that and you know it, ACT LIKE IT. If you don’t want the world to see you as this nasty b*tch that you have been portraying, then pull up your damn panties and act like you’ve been raised by humans.

The second thing that I want to touch on is these girl-fight videos that have been spreading all over the internet like a disease. Of course, everyone loves a good chick fight. It’s crazy, a lot of adrenaline, scratching, slapping, punching, kicking, and pieces of weave flowing down the street like tumbleweed. But seriously, enough is enough. We are all grown. Let’s act like it.

It’s not like any of you b*tches are fighting to bring the soldiers home, fighting to end world hunger, or fighting for a better economy. You b*tches are fighting over n*ggas (and I do mean n*ggas), a bunch of he say she say, mad because a b*tch owed you five dollars from two years ago, mad because a b*tch took the last Corona, etc. In other words, you’re looking like fools over absolutely nothing. And people like me, are either laughing at your buffoonery or shaking our heads in total disgust.

What even more sad is that there’s even old b*tches that are in their fifties, sixties, and seventies that are holding their titles for being the undisputed b*tches of the world. Grandma should be at home baking pies, quilting blankets, giving advice, and passing out hugs and kisses…not passing out ass whoopings. Keep your old behind out of the street. Otherwise, how can we say that the kids of this generation are messed up if the OLDER generations are leading by example?

And another thing: STOP FIGHTING IN THE CLUBS!!! That’s just pure entertainment for drunk n*ggas. The club is supposed to be the spot where people go to have a drink during happy hour to unwind, spend some time with their friends, go dancing, etc. Nowadays, you have to say a prayer for protection and read a scripture from the book of Psalms before you set a foot in a club.

So let me help you b*tches out: If you know damn well that you don’t handle liquor very well and you end up wanting to fight people, stay your trifling behind at home. Don’t even put yourself in that type of environment (And side note: Don’t nobody want the drunk, weed-smellin’ dude that keeps buying you drinks. He’s a regular at the club and he is always buying drinks for women. You’re not the only one that he does that for. So you can stop mean-mugging other women that come up to him to simply say hello. He’s not your man).

The moral of my conversation is this: If you don’t wanna be called a b*tch and you’re tired of being one, QUIT ACTING LIKE ONE. Redefine yourself by getting involved in things that build you up as a woman so that you can attract the right kind of people in your life and lose the wrong ones. When you do that, you’ll be able to reconstruct your reputation and be the type of woman that your ancestors would be proud of. I’m not telling you to be like someone else but you don’t have to be a trashy b*tch in order to turn heads.

Sonica Jackson

Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.


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