Silence is Golden

It’s a shame that in this day and age, Blacks are still being watched and profiled as they try to enjoy a day of shopping. That was the case for Trayon Christian, a nineteen-year old African American male that was stopped by police and detained for two hours after purchasing a $349.00 designer belt from the luxury department store, Barney’s, in New York.

And what was the reason? Because a couple of racist cops couldn’t believe that he could afford such an expensive belt and so they thought that the debit card that he used to make the purchase…was fake.

On a different day, a twenty-one year old African American female by the name of Kayla Phillips was stopped by police and was forced to show them her credit card after she went to Barney’s and purchased a $2,500 designer purse.

Here’s a side note: Not all Black people steal. There are millions of us that really do work hard for our money and buy what we’ve actually earned. Please understand that there are people from different nationalities that steal just as well but most of the time they fall under the radar because they’re not Black…which is no surprise to anyone.

Just like not all Black people are the same, not all white people are the same. While you’re steadily watching Keisha to see if she’s gonna steal the Louis Vuitton key chain, blond-haired blue-eyed Rebecca decides to steal the cranberry-colored hand bag while your back is turned and walks her happy ass out of the store. Believe me, not all white people are as honest as you think they are. Some of them are more criminal-minded than a person of a different race. So treat EVERYONE equally and stop thinking that no one steals except Black people.

Now of course, I understood the outrage of the Black community when I heard about the two African Americans that were racially profiled at Barney’s. But what I didn’t understand was the pointing of fingers towards Jay Z simply because he has a business partnership with them. Not only that, there were many Black people that expressed their outrage because Jay Z was silent about the matter.

Welp, Black people, PLEASE understand something: Jay Z is not only a rap artist, he is also a serious businessman. So therefore, he can’t just react based off of emotions because he’ll end up making a foolish mistake. So to all of you out there that feels some kind of way because he was silent throughtout this ordeal, SIT DOWN. Stop wasting your time by making him the fall guy for foolishness that he didn’t have anything to do with.

Too many times, we look for celebrities to be the ones to fix every problem that’s out there in the world. Before you decide to go straight “Million Man March” on Barneys, did you know that the proceeds from Jay Z’s business deal with Barneys goes to the Shawn Carter foundation, which provides college scholarships for students who can’t afford to go to school? That’s right.

So if you don’t have any money to send Malik’s ass to college, you may wanna be happy that Jay Z is doing this business deal for the simple fact that YOU just might benefit from it.  Before jumping to conclusions and starting petitions to urge Jay Z to drop his business venture with Barney’s, at least give the man a chance to find out the facts.

Stop jumping to conclusions and automatically assuming that Jay Z doesn’t care about what happened to these two individuals at Barney’s. Considering the fact that Jay Z has been thru racial profiling himself, I seriously doubt that he doesn’t care. But you have to be mindful that he doesn’t own Barney’s; he has a BUSINESS VENTURE with them. He’s not responsible for the incidents that happened at Barney’s and it wouldn’t be wise for him to shoot first and ask questions later. Stop making Jay Z look like the bad guy just because he chooses to think before he speaks.

Prisons all over the country are full of inmates that didn’t think before they reacted. So now, they’re suffering the consequences for their actions. As a businessman, it wouldn’t make sense for Jay Z to run his mouth BEFORE getting all of the facts and then go against the very same company that he’s doing business with. It’s a terrible thing that these two shoppers had to go thru this ordeal but when Jay Z is ready to say something, you can best believe that he will.

And let’s be real: half of you that are signing the petition to urge Jay Z to drop his business deal with Barney’s probably never even been inside of Barney’s and/or can’t afford a damn thing in there. Spend more time petitioning the jerks that wrongfully stopped the two shoppers. That will help with eliminating discrimination towards minorities. Thank you very much.

My dear Black people, before you decide to pump your fist in the air and get your Black Pride boogie on, please understand something: Sometimes, it takes a high profile individual like Jay Z to break down barriers and change things from WITHIN. To be honest with you, corporate heads will be more willing to listen to him versus listening to some regular “Joe” off of the street.

The powers-that-be at Barney’s are very aware that Jay Z has a huge following so therefore you can best believe that they will handle this situation to the fullest before they risk losing revenue from Jay Z’s collection. So calm yourself down.


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.


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