Diamond of the Week (10/25/2013)


The Diamond of the Week award goes to:

Kim Kardashian

Regardless of whether Ray J “hit it first” as he have foolishly proclaimed, I present Kim Kardashian with the Diamond of the Week award…and not because of the gorgeous diamond engagement ring that Kanye West put on her hand. She gets the award because unlike a lot of you lonely, bitter, miserable women out there, she knows how to land a man. Her wanting to stay with the man is a different story but at least she can get somebody. Don’t believe me? Check her résumé.

She get rings.  I’ve never even met the girl but you can best believe that she doesn’t walk around with this “I-Don’t-Need-A-Man-Because-I’m-Independent-And-I-Can-Do-Everything-Without-One” attitude.  And yes, I know that many of you wanna call her a heaux because of the sex tape that leaked out several years ago of her and Ray J. And yes, it’s been reported that she’s been with several men and she’s been married twice. But so what. Honestly, none of that makes her a heaux. There’s been plenty of women that have been in relationships and they’ve made a sex tape with their boyfriend/husband. That happens all the time.

Let’s be real: if I walked into your bedroom and had a talk with your mattress, it’ll probably tell me a couple of things of all of the random sperm cells that it has come in contact with. So in other words, the only difference between you and Kim is that her business is always exposed. Not only that, the men that she has reportedly been with, are men that she’s had a RELATIONSHIP with. Can you say the same?


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