Shall She Cheat On You?

Boy, times have really changed. Back in the day, you’ve always heard of the men doing all the cheating and lying in their marriages/relationships. If a man cheated on a woman, she would either cry her eyes out, kick him outta the house, and/or beat up the tramp that he was messing around with. After the smoke clears, she ends up forgiving him and they get back together. Oh yeah, he would more than likely repeat the same offense but she’d still take him back.

But times are so very different now. Yes, many women are still very forgiving of their men and wanna work things out which is okay. But now, there are a vast amount of women that have absolutely no problem going ding-a-ling shopping the minute that their man starts screwing up. In all honesty, I am floored at the stories I hear from women who have cheated on their men simply because he did the same thing to her. She believes that this is payback and unlike her man, she’s very sneaky and doesn’t leave a trace of her dirt.

Mr. Man, if you have confessed to your girlfriend or wife that you’ve cheated on her and she seems to be calm as hell, GET WORRIED. Something is about to go down in a nasty way. Either she’s about to break out a can of whoop-ass when you least expect it or she already knows about your infidelity and is being comforted by another man. And if the other man is the reason that she’s being all peaceful and nice about the situation, you have yourself to thank for that (And for the record, I don’t have to be in a committed relationship or marriage to know what I’m talking about. I’ve had enough deep conversations with men and women to know what the deal is. I listen and I pay attention. That’s how I learn. And I do have a right to my own opinion. Thank you very much).

To all the men out there, take caution: Don’t ever put yourself in a position where another man is wiping away the tears that you put on YOUR woman’s face. Please understand that I’m not condoning a woman cheating on you at all…no matter what the circumstances are. But what I am saying is that the woman that’s in your life, is supposed to be reflection of YOU. The reason why I say that is because I think of men as being leaders. A man is supposed to lead by example and his household will be a reflection of that. If you’re a husband with some serious god-awful ways about yourself, it’s gonna show up in your household.

Here’s an example of my point: Tyrone and Keisha are married. Tyrone has been abusing the hell outta Keisha and has cheated on her several times with several women. Tyrone and Keisha have a twelve year-old son named Darryl. Over the years, Darryl has seen his father beat up on his mother. He also knows about his father’s infidelity because he has heard his parents arguing about it in their bedroom.

When Darryl grows up, he becomes a reflection of his father. He starts beating on his woman and cheating on her with a gang of heauxs. But one day, his woman gets tired of the constant foolishness and she decides to fight back and leaves Darryl. And what happens afterwards? Darryl goes from one relationship to another with absolutely no fulfillment and no maturity.

So at the age of sixty-five, he ends up alone with no wife and no girlfriend in sight. He has become that ol’ drunk in the clubs that nobody wants and everyone shakes their heads at him as they watch him parade around the club like a dog in heat, putting the moves on young women who are old enough to be his daughter. He could’ve had a good wife and a family of his own to come home to but because he is a reflection of his father, not only does he not experience the family life but when he dies, he dies ALONE.

Okay so now that I have proven my point, let me get back to the cheating part: Considering that men are supposed to be the head of the household, keep in mind that your girlfriend or wife may follow your example and do some cheating of her own because by your example, you’re making it believable for her to think that it’s okay to do so. So if you are the type of man that’s cheating on your girlfriend or wife, don’t get mad when she does the same. I’m not saying that all women will do that but it’s a major possibility that your woman will.

To some of you men out there who likes to cheat on women and you think that your woman would never give you a taste of your own medicine, keep on thinking that. Oh yeah, you’ve noticed that the lovemaking has now turned into wild hot sex between you two and you are amazed at how good she’s become in the sex department, doing things that she’s never done before. Uh huh. Ever wonder why? It’s because of the lessons that she’s getting from Malik down the street who has been bangin’ the hell outta your lady as if he’s just been released from prison. And sadly, Malik has been the man that she’s been fantasizing about every time she gets on top of you and ride you from here to Africa.

For those of you who may be asking yourself, “Sonica, are you saying that you would cheat on your man if he cheated on you?” HELL NO. My vagina is very stuck up. She’s extremely particular about who she invites in. She doesn’t just lay around and play with anybody. That’s not her style. But I don’t judge those who have gotten dirty with someone outside of their relationship or marriage because I wouldn’t know what it is that they may be going thru with their significant other to make them have the urge to cheat.

But if it ever got to that level where a man cheated on me, Sonica is walking out of the door. I don’t play the cheating thing.  When I tell you that it would truly have to take the presence of God to make me reconsider leaving that type of situation, I am not playing. And that’s because when I’m in love, I love very HARD. You get all of me and I try to make you happy. And I expect that in return. So the minute you screw that up by cheating, it’s a wrap; the stage lights are shut off, the props are taken down, camera crew goes home, and the door is locked.


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.


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