What Happened to the Village?

Yes, I know that Whitney Houston came out with a song many years ago saying that she believes that the children are our future and blah, blah, blah. Well, if this is true, then our future doesn’t look too promising. And yes, I know that it’s not really “acceptable” to say that you don’t like a kid but I swear that some of these kids make you wanna put a foot knee-deep in their behinds.

I do believe that kids do need a tremendous amount of love and understanding. They need to know that someone gives a damn. And I am all for parents talking to their kids to get a better understanding as to why their kids choose to make a wrong decision. But every now and then, a swift belt across the behind makes a world of difference. But since we are in a society that’s practically raising the kids, parents can damn near be facing battery charges if they put their hands on their child.

Some of these kids (especially teenagers) are so treacherous, they make you think that they came straight outta the nut sack of Satan. But in all honesty, it’s not their fault and here are my two points as to why I say that:

1.      Parents of misguided kids are in denial: You know doggone well that lil’ Tommy is a lot of work. He’s been in more after-school programs than you can count and he’s the only kid on your block that’s been banned from church. Your Pastor has thrown shade at you ever since he tried to talk to Tommy about the importance of getting baptized and Tommy responded to him by saying, “B*tch, baptize my balls!” The only thing that gives Tommy any kind of joy is his dirt bike…and that’s because Tommy gets on the damn thing and knock old ladies down at full speed to the point where their wigs get snatched off their heads from the wind. You and your husband are scared as hell to even do the nasty in y’all own home because Tommy hid a camcorder in y’all bedroom and played the tape in his school’s auditorium for the whole school to see. When the principal confiscated the tape and informed you about it, you wasn’t sure if you were embarrassed because the school saw y’all naked tails or because the school saw that your husband was smacking you on the behind and yellin’ to you, “Who’s your Big Daddy?!” And let’s not even mention the fact that the school saw that your husband is one helluva crazy freak, walking around the bedroom in a leather g-string with the Superman logo on the front.

2.      Parents of misguided kids are the example: Don’t get mad at your daughter Keisha because her sixteen-year old tail got caught having sex with some random dude in a movie theater when you know doggone well that you’re the reason for her stank behavior. Keisha has seen more people in your bedroom than in a Macy’s parade and you got the nerve to get pissed off at her and call her a heaux. Well, monkey see, monkey do. Apparently, you don’t know that Keisha’s friends have all seen those nasty pics of yourself that you posted on Facebook. Oh, how thoughtful it was for you to get a tattoo on your left butt cheek that reads, ‘Jesus is my Pimp Daddy.’ And let’s not forget the day that you beat the dog sh*t outta some lady on your block while you were wearing a t-shirt that reads, ‘Too Blessed to be Stressed’ because she confronted you about you sleeping with her husband…AND his brother.

A while back, I remember seeing a picture of this little boy showing off this gun that he had in his hand and this grown-ass man was in the picture doing the same thing. I wasn’t sure if the grown man was the boy’s father or not but at either rate, it was absolutely insane for them to be taking this kind of picture. Is that what you call “spending quality time” with the youth? But then, it made me wonder what type of influences that this grown man had around him when he was growing up.

Don’t go blaming rap artists, actors, entertainers, etc., for your kid’s behavior when it’s YOU that don’t bother to go to the mandatory PTA meetings, it’s YOU that’s doing drug deals while your kids are sitting in the backseat of your car, it’s YOU that continues to bring random men around your children, it’s YOU that’s showing your kids that they should depend on the welfare system to get ahead, and it’s YOU that people see on the evening news getting chased by the police for stealing a Cadillac Escalade.

And let me go ahead and say this right now while it’s on my mind: LET THESE SCHOOL TEACHERS DO THEIR JOBS!!! Stop getting mad at the teacher every time she calls you at your job because your kid won’t sit his goofy ass down and he continues to curse out the teachers and bully other kids. She and the principal have tried on several occasions to have a meeting with you in regards to Malik’s behavior but you’d always decline, saying to them, “Look, I don’t have time for this mess. Y’all are teachers. Y’all should know what to do.” When they’ve mentioned to you that his behavior is unruly, you had the nerve to become defensive and say, “Ain’t nothing wrong with my child! Are you saying that I’m not a good parent?!”

Stop giving the teacher a hard time when she gives you the truth about your kid. She’s trying to tell you in the nicest way possible that your child is a demon spawn. It’s now up to you to do something about it. She’s not trying to hear your crap about your child being an angel when he’s home because on the real, you don’t even know what your child is doing most of the time when he’s home because you’re constantly in your room getting sexed-down by a dude you met off of a website for single Christians.

These teachers go thru a lot of hell dealing with a bunch of kids that come from different homes, having to deal with their attitudes and ridiculous behavior, and having to deal with some crazy parents while trying to keep their composure and their job. So the least that you can do is be the kind of parent that makes sure that your kid stays on course and do what they’re told. Otherwise, you may put the teacher in a position where he or she has no other choice but to pick your kid up by the face and body-slam his ignorant ass straight to the ground. And then you’ll be the main one demanding a meeting with the teacher and the principal and get mad when they say to you, “Look, we don’t have time for this crap. You’re a parent. You should’ve known what to do.”


Copyright © 2013 by Sonica Jackson

***The views and opinions expressed here on my website are solely those of myself and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of WordPress or anyone else.


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